Channeling: Powerful Books Coming

Creation of Form, ElohimExciting New Information Coming to You

The spiritual journey is full of surprises. I’m sure you’ve noticed that yourself. I’ve been taken to a new path on my journey. It has to do with getting information from Spirit out into the world.

The end of last year I received a reading from a friend who was using me as one of her training examples.… [Read More ...]

The Question of Compassion:The Book of Joy

What Two Spiritual Leaders Can Teach Us

This isn’t so much a book review as my reflections on one small section of this book. I don’t even remember who told the story. Probably the Dalai Lama since it was about what happened in Tibet and the torture experienced in China.

To set this up, take a moment to think of the event you have the most difficult time in letting go.… [Read More ...]

Amma’s Comments on Anxiety

Amma on the Role of Trust in Anxiety


I decided to share with you today some comments Amma made about anxiety. She gave this message about the time we were studying the First Ray. The First Ray is about following the Will of God. When we are in perfect trust of God’s Will, there is no anxiety. When there is trust in God, there is no need to worry.… [Read More ...]

Tell the Energy What You Want

Be The Boss of You and Your Energy


My #BlogBoost buddy, Paul Taubman, made a cool comment in my last post. He said you can call in the energy any time you want it. How right he is.

Sometimes you need a process such as Amma’s healing tool in the last post. She gives us a kinesthetic imaging experience to remove what we don’t want and increase what we do want.… [Read More ...]

A Healing Process from Amma the Divine Mother

Toss Away What You Don’t Need
Hold in Your Heart Your Blessings


(A note to my friends participating in the #BlogBoost Challenge… This is a message from the being I channel. Amma is the feminine aspect of God.)

For today’s post I decided to go to Amma’s messages, which are listed by dates, and ask, “Which should I post?” This is the one which “popped out” for me.… [Read More ...]

A Prayer for Others When You Feel Helpless

Mom Shared with Me This Prayer for Others
When You Feel Helpless



Few people realize the amazing power of prayer. The power is there when you do it right.

Do it right? How can you “do it” wrong?  You do it wrong when you’re not really praying. Let me explain.

The Elements of Prayer

In Catholic School I learned that “Prayer is the lifting of the mind and heart to God.”… [Read More ...]

Take Time to Rest in Truth

Can You Believe the Truth about Who You Are?

What would happen if you had a cheering squad who cheered you on throughout the day?

Your cheering squad would only point out what you’re doing right and remind you of what you can do.

Take just under three minutes and allow the words in this video to wash over you.

You are much more than you could ever know.… [Read More ...]

Are You the Power and Presence of God

Being the Power and Presence of God is a Spiritual Practice

galaxyWhen I was in high school, Sr. Mary Charles told us the story of American soldiers going into a bombed out church. They found a statue of Jesus whose hands had been broken off.

The parishioner decided not to have the hands reconstructed. Instead they made a sign, “You be my hands.”… [Read More ...]

Do You Dare to Grow Spiritually?

Spiritual growth is not for the weak of heart.

spiritual growthTo grow spiritually, you must be daring, willing to take risks. You have to be willing to be different than most of the world. You have to dare to grow spiritually. I’d like to explain what I mean by that.

When I was a Roman Catholic Christian, I realized that being one was not easy.… [Read More ...]

Did You Know You Are Love Incarnate?

You Are Love Incarnate!

sunsetAs I came to know Amma through my channeled messages from her, I was introduced to the concept of being Love Incarnate. She would say, and still says, “You are Love Incarnate! Everyone is Love Incarnate!”

What does that mean? It’s very simple, actually.

It stems from being created from one essence, that essence being Love. When I was studying theology at the Notre Dame, I had this amazing professor who taught the “God” Course.… [Read More ...]