The Delight of Spiritual Exploration

The Delight of Spiritual Exploration

Welcome back!

Last post  I discussed how you were totally responsible for what is happening in your life because it is heagle flyingappening according to the way you planned it. This is a difficult concept for many people to wrap their heads around. If you haven’t read that post I suggest you scroll down and find it right below this one.… [Read More ...]

Life is Difficult: A Deeper Perspective

Why is Life Difficult?The Road in Life is Difficult

Years ago I was reading the book. The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck. It was first published in 1978. The opening line of chapter 1 has remained with me for all these years: Life is difficult. The rest of the book went on to explain that if we would just accept this fact and quit getting upset that life is difficult, then life would be easier.… [Read More ...]

Meeting and Working with the Bodysoul, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Meeting and Working with the Bodysoul. (If you need to read Part 1, simply a1scroll down.) This post was a message given by Amma back in 2009. The parts in italics are my comments and reflections on what she said.

This part begins with moving into your Heart Source. If you haven’t had this experience you’ll enjoy this.[Read More ...]

Meeting and Working with the Bodysoul, Part 1

bdI had so much fun with the last set of blog posts based upon a message from Amma five years ago that I’m going to repeat the same process. I opened the file where I keep all my messages from Amma and saw this one from 2009. “Ah, an oldie but goodie” I thought. Much to my delight this is probably the first message from Amma about your Bodysoul.[Read More ...]

A Process to Heal Relationships

Healing Relationships: Part 4

Cathy: This is Part 4 of a message Amma gave us back in April 2011. If you haven’t read the other blog posts, scroll down. They are in order of the most recently published which makes them in reverse order of the message. That means Part 3 is under this one and then Part 2 under that and so on for Part 1.[Read More ...]

The Synergy of Love

Synergy of LoveCathy: I want to discuss what I’m calling the synergy of Love in this particular post. This is Part 3 of the explanation of a message Amma gave on healing relationships. This message was given April 27, 2011, almost 5 years ago. The final blog post from this message will be rather long as she takes us through the process of healing a relationship by removing the energies from each chakra.[Read More ...]