A Healing Process from Amma the Divine Mother

Toss Away What You Don’t Need
Hold in Your Heart Your Blessings


(A note to my friends participating in the #BlogBoost Challenge… This is a message from the being I channel. Amma is the feminine aspect of God.)

For today’s post I decided to go to Amma’s messages, which are listed by dates, and ask, “Which should I post?” This is the one which “popped out” for me.

An Exercise for Healing

palm upHold your hands in front of your, palms up.

In one hand is the energy of the worst thing that has ever happened to you. Just ask for that energy to be there, you don’t have to claim it just ask for the energy to be there. Feel the weight of that energy.

In the other hand is the energy of the highest point of your life. Ask for that energy to be in your other hand. For those of you who can’t feel, don’t be discouraged.

Notice the difference between the feel of the energy in the two hands. Notice which energy is more expanded.

Here’s the important question: Which of these two energies do you focus on the most? This doesn’t need to be at a conscious level, it could be on a subconscious level. Which of these two energies, the worst thing or the best thing, has control of your life?crushed paper


Now the hand that has the worst thing in it, I want you to crunch it. Bring all your fingers together and crunch it into like a ball of paper.

I want you to say “No more” and throw it out of your energy field.


Take that hand you used to throw out the worst thing and protectively put it over the most wonderful thing that has happened to you.

Bring the energy of the wonderful event into your heart and hold your hand over your heart.

From your heart, with a renewed sense of gratitude and thanksgiving, allow that energy of the best thing that has happened to you to move through your energy field.


Dr Cathy’s Comments

You get to choose what you’re going to hold onto, what you’re going to make the focus of your life. Make a decision each day about what you’re going to bring into your heart.

Bringing pain into your heart produces a broken heart. Focusing on the wonderful events of life can give you the strength to overcome the difficult stretches.

3 thoughts on “A Healing Process from Amma the Divine Mother”

  1. We can call on all the energy we need whenever we feel we need it. The energy is all around us and available at a moments notice.

    Many times we feel that we cannot simply call it forth… and we stay lethargic, sad, depressed, etc. Try calling it and see what happens.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. You bet, Paul. We can also order energy (sadness, anger) to leave us. It’s amazing how simple both calling in and ordering out are.

  3. Paul, I love that!! And Cathy, I loved this exercise! My “worst” hand actually started to sink and it affected my whole arm. The best one felt light & fluffy – it almost floated.

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