A Prayer for Others When You Feel Helpless

Mom Shared with Me This Prayer for Others
When You Feel Helpless



Few people realize the amazing power of prayer. The power is there when you do it right.

Do it right? How can you “do it” wrong?  You do it wrong when you’re not really praying. Let me explain.

The Elements of Prayer

In Catholic School I learned that “Prayer is the lifting of the mind and heart to God.” I’m not sure that’s the exact quote, but that is what is in my heart.

Let’s break down the action of prayer into simple steps.

    • You have an intention. Most people use prayer to ask for help for themselves or for someone else. Others give thanks and gratitude. Still others take the time to simply connect with Spirit from their heart.
    • You connect with God. It doesn’t matter what your name for God is. For years I had a private name for God I held sacred in my heart. Now I invoke Amma, the feminine aspect of God. Some people invoke Abba, the masculine aspect of God. In the Christian tradition, Jesus is called upon as well as the Holy Spirit. I’ve heard people begin their prayers with Spirit, Mother-Father God, Universal Love and other prayers.God being omniscient and a heart-reader knows who you’re calling upon.
  • Lift your mind and heart to God. This happens when you’re connecting with God. Your mind and heart are engaged in the process of calling upon God. You cannot have prayer if your mind and heart is not engaged.

Prayer is NOT a Substitute for Action

Prayer is action itself. Real prayer. Not the “I’ll pray for you” when you want to avoid being of service through actions or contributions. Not the, “OK, Jesus take care of them” when you haven’t stopped to connect with God from your mind and heart. Not the, “You help them God” when God is asking you to be God’s representative by your action.

God calls us to action. People’s response to God’s call when they don’t want to respond is probably one of the biggest daily miracles.

The Prayer for Others when You’re Helpless

When you’ve done everything you can do or when their is nothing you can do for someone you love, what can you do?


Trusting in the Will of God is a powerful action. We humans have the tendency to believe we could do better than God. Even if what you’re in the midst of is your greatest horror, still Trust.

Trust doesn’t mean you will get what you want. It doesn’t mean that you or your loved on will be healed. It just means to trust that the love of God surrounds you and your loved one. Trust there is a plan and you have no idea of the ramifications of what is happening now. Trust even if your heart is breaking.

My Mom’s Prayer

This prayer is not original to her. She read it in one of Ruth Carter Stapleton’s books. If the name rings a bell, she was Jimmy Carter’s sister and was a powerful evangelist and healer.

The prayer is simple. Here’s how to use it. Bring to mind someone you’re praying for. It could be you, your child, a loved one, or someone you heard about on the news.

Lift your mind and heart to God. Be fully focused on your connection with God and the person you’re praying for.

Ask God to fill them with all the love they need but haven’t received. Stay in that place of love as witness to God’s loving action.

Then trust. If you feel moved to take more action, follow the movements of your heart.


Go ahead and take 2-minutes to use this prayer for yourself or a loved one now.

4 thoughts on “A Prayer for Others When You Feel Helpless”

  1. First, your captcha needs an extension. Unless you just want us to comment without reading your blog!!!!!!

    Interesting discourse on prayer- and I love that you recognize that it’s no excuse for inaction.

  2. This is so helpful to me right now in dealing with my sadness about my mom’s dementia. I never imagined that my brilliant mom would be suffering in this way. I will continue to keep her in my prayers and I will try to be with her and to pray that I can offer her love and support, even when she is angry and difficult. Thank you for your suggestions and expression of faith.

  3. This is a very powerful message. I will never say “I’ll pray for you” without taking action from this point forward. And TRUST is so much a part of it no matter the outcome. I “felt” in my heart the Love surrounding the person and filling her with what she hasn’t received.

    Thank you!

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