Channeling: Powerful Books Coming

Creation of Form, ElohimExciting New Information Coming to You

The spiritual journey is full of surprises. I’m sure you’ve noticed that yourself. I’ve been taken to a new path on my journey. It has to do with getting information from Spirit out into the world.

The end of last year I received a reading from a friend who was using me as one of her training examples. There was an unexpected twist which turned out to be life changing.

I could sense behind her a number of beings working with her. There was one whose energy pulled at me. I just had to know who he was.

“I am the Golden Elohim. We want you to channel a book for us on the Creation of Form.” (The Golden Elohim turned out to be a group energy with no gender. They just feel male to me.)

I immediately said “yes,” which, in itself, is a sign of growth for me. You probably don’t know that I’m a reluctant channel, or I had been. Well, that’s not quite right. I like the channeling. What I don’t like is when I’m asked to work hard. I’m sure that’s never happened to you. <grin>

Amma, who knows me sooooo well, has had to ask me to do “little” tasks and, when I’m comfortable with the easy, she says, “Now I want you to….”

Example… At the beginning of my studies for marketing, I was learning about short email courses. She told me, “I’d like to give you the information for a 7-day email course.”

That sounded easy and I said, “Sure.” She gave and I wrote. It was easy.

After I finished the 7 days, she said, “Let’s make it a 30 day course.”

I was a little surprised but, because I was already “in the flow” I spent about a week bringing in the rest of the information. I was proud of myself for this accomplishment.

That wasn’t the end. Amma then said, “I want you to make this a year-long course.”

The ever-obedient child, I exclaimed in horror, “365 days!”

“No, 366!”

Amma is such a character. She works well with me, also a character. I think we’re related! Well, she is my mother. Yours, too!

The Creation of Form

Back to The Creation of Form… I know myself well when asked to undergo a huge project. I knew I had to develop a structure or I’d never complete it. I was inspired to charge people to be parttrust of this channeling experience so I had to deliver. I would have a responsibility to those who were paying me.

People signed up and we met most Mondays and Wednesdays for more than a year. During that time I did bring in the information for a rather large book called The Creation of Form. (It’s almost ready for publication.)

But… or should I say “and”… at the end of the book, The Golden Elohim introduced me to Amma’s Healing Friends. I was somewhat surprised because I was already aware them through my relationship with Amma the Divine Mother. They invited me to bring in An Encyclopedia of Healing.

Sooooo, my channeling continued. The first book they gave was on the healing of birth issues. The second presents the structure of the aura. The third and fourth books, which are now in the hands of the publisher, are both on the chakras. The first is the structure of the chakras and the second is on each individual chakra.

All of the books contain healing exercises. In fact, each book is filled with healing experiences. These are not just books of information, they are books of healing. You can use these books for your own personal healing. How cool is that!

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The Question of Compassion:The Book of Joy

What Two Spiritual Leaders Can Teach Us

This isn’t so much a book review as my reflections on one small section of this book. I don’t even remember who told the story. Probably the Dalai Lama since it was about what happened in Tibet and the torture experienced in China.

To set this up, take a moment to think of the event you have the most difficult time in letting go. It could be a betrayal. It could be a physical, emotional or sexual trauma. Bring to mind whatever it is. As a warning, I’m going to have you use what happened to you to assist you in the even or person releasing it’s hold on you.

I want to share this because this incident assisted me in healing from “the thing” I’ve held onto for, oh, about 6 decades.

The Horror of Being a Political Prisoner in China

I’m not going into any graphic detail, so no worries about that. The man I’m going to mention had been one of 1200 or so people captured by the Chinese when they over-ran Tibet. Out of all the people captured, only about 30 survived and were released. The rest had died due to starvation and horrendous torture. Other than starvation and heavy labor, the only thing said about the torture was that it combined horrors from different countries.

If I’d been one of the prisoners, I’d probably have been one of the first to die. I can’t imagine being able to withstand the horrors these people went through.

The Spiritual Surprise

My spiritual surprise was also a surprise of the person telling the story. The man who was released talked about his fear. The listeners assumed it was the fear of pain, the fear of death.

It wasn’t. “I was afraid I would lose my compassion for my captors.” (My paraphrase from memory.) He then talked about how they must have experienced such deep pain to be able to give such pain to others.

We Hold onto Our Pain

When someone runs by and kicks you in the shins, the last thing you’re thinking of is the pain the other person experienced in the past that caused them to kick you. It’s easy enough to get over a kick in the shins.

When someone beats you, abuses you, betrays you, do you take time to consider what pain the other person is in that causes them to react the way they did? If you’re anything like me, the thought may have never entered your mind.

When we’re wounded, we think of our pain. We recall what the event did to us. We don’t  care about what caused it to happen. What happened just hurts and that’s all that matters, at least for most of us.

The Releasing Process

What I did to release my decades long wound was to list things I knew which had happened to this individual, what I thought was going on at the time, and what I imagined had happened to him.

I then asked for healing for me and for him. I asked that all the energy bonds of pain, anger, shame and more be released.

I don’t know if this will work for you, but give it a try if you are ready to be free of what has harmed you.

Check out this power 5-step process to bring healing.



Amma’s Comments on Anxiety

Amma on the Role of Trust in Anxiety


I decided to share with you today some comments Amma made about anxiety. She gave this message about the time we were studying the First Ray. The First Ray is about following the Will of God. When we are in perfect trust of God’s Will, there is no anxiety. When there is trust in God, there is no need to worry. We become anxious because we don’t believe things will work out the way we want.

If you’re like me, you have those times you wonder if God really knows what God is doing. Then I move into my heart, take some deep breaths and turn everything over to God… again.

Amma’s Message

Hello, my dear ones. I am Amma the Divine Mother of the divine mothers. And I am your mother. When you made the decision to separate from the oneness to experience the illusion of individuality, you rested in my womb to get ready for your first incarnation. You are always in my womb. You never leave. I use the term “womb” symbolically as the safe place you reside to become ready for your next incarnation. I have some comments about anxiety.

anxietyBeing anxious about the future means that you are not in a place of trust. There is no reason to be anxious when you trust. What or who do you trust? Trust that your life is progressing as it is to be. Trust that you are experiencing what is important for you to experience. Trust that Spirit is with you every step of the way.

Trust does not mean you are free from difficult events in life. Trust means you hold steady where you are, do what you can, and release yourself to Spirit when there is nothing you can do. Trust means you stay within your Heart Source.


Trust is not a place of inactivity. Trust is an active process of allowing. You allow life to occur. You allow yourself to act upon your wisdom, knowledge and intuition. Trust is easy when all is going according to your plan. Trust is difficult is when your plans are in disarray. This is when trust allows you to wait with patience for things to unfold. Trust requires the greatest activity during what you call the most difficult of times.

Know that when you are anxious you are not in a place of trust. When you pull yourself out of your anxiety you can ask yourself about how much you trust the Oneness, Source, the Creator, and how much you trust your Soul Self to support you during the difficult times.

When you come in touch with the area of mistrust within you, then you have an opportunity for healing and expansion. You have multitudes of times in this lifetime which have resulted in mistrust. Consider those times you prayed for a particular outcome and it did not happen. You may be someone who believes you have done everything right and have not attained your desires.  Then there are those who suffered great injury or great loss and feel betrayed.

It is human nature to feel betrayed or let down by others. You come to believe that your trust in Spirit or other people has been unfounded. You decide you are the only one you can depend upon. Then you discover you can’t depend upon yourself to make the correct choices. There is no one to trust and anxiety enters your life. The answer is to heal, to refocus, to expand and to trust.

Dr. Cathy’s Commentstrust

Trust is a major issue for all of us. When you work to be self-reliant, it’s often difficult to switch to relying upon God. The difficulty is knowing how to rely upon God. Does that mean waiting? Taking action? Waiting for a sign of heaven? When anxious, when in fear, it’s difficult to make decisions with clarity. Stay in your heart so you can listen to the small, still voice within you.


Tell the Energy What You Want

Be The Boss of You and Your Energy


My #BlogBoost buddy, Paul Taubman, made a cool comment in my last post. He said you can call in the energy any time you want it. How right he is.

Sometimes you need a process such as Amma’s healing tool in the last post. She gives us a kinesthetic imaging experience to remove what we don’t want and increase what we do want. This is great for those who need to perform some action to release the energy.

You Are the Boss of You

You may not realize how you can call it, send out, command the energy which surrounds you and is within you.

That anger and sadness you feel is “just” energy. Yes, it’s an emotion. It’s energy in motion = emotion.

If you don’t want a particular energy, you have the power to send that energy on its way. Command it to do what you want. “Sadness, I’ve had enough of you. Go Now!” Say it like you mean it.

But Aren’t Feelings Important

You bet they are. They contain a wealth of information for you.

find what\'s hidingYou can discover what else is hiding in that sadness. You may think you’re sad because of someone leaving you. That may be a part of why you’re sad. The person leaving you may have triggered long-held sadness. Here’s how to discover what else is there.

  1. Focus on where you feel the sadness in your body.
  2. Ask the sadness, “What’s there?”
  3. The answer may be sadness. Ask, “Sadness about what?” Take the first thing that pops into your mind.
  4. Follow up with, “What else?” Keep asking until you feel satisfied you have enough information.
  5. Tell the sadness (or whatever feeling), “Thank you for your information. You’ve done a great job. I don’t need you anymore.”
  6. Take a deep breath and blow the energy of the sadness out of you.
  7. Invite Joy into the space where sadness was. Simply think of someone or something which brings you Joy and fill that space with Joy.

You Have More Power than You Know

You are an amazingly powerful being. Learn to harness that power and use it!




A Healing Process from Amma the Divine Mother

Toss Away What You Don’t Need
Hold in Your Heart Your Blessings


(A note to my friends participating in the #BlogBoost Challenge… This is a message from the being I channel. Amma is the feminine aspect of God.)

For today’s post I decided to go to Amma’s messages, which are listed by dates, and ask, “Which should I post?” This is the one which “popped out” for me.

An Exercise for Healing

palm upHold your hands in front of your, palms up.

In one hand is the energy of the worst thing that has ever happened to you. Just ask for that energy to be there, you don’t have to claim it just ask for the energy to be there. Feel the weight of that energy.

In the other hand is the energy of the highest point of your life. Ask for that energy to be in your other hand. For those of you who can’t feel, don’t be discouraged.

Notice the difference between the feel of the energy in the two hands. Notice which energy is more expanded.

Here’s the important question: Which of these two energies do you focus on the most? This doesn’t need to be at a conscious level, it could be on a subconscious level. Which of these two energies, the worst thing or the best thing, has control of your life?crushed paper


Now the hand that has the worst thing in it, I want you to crunch it. Bring all your fingers together and crunch it into like a ball of paper.

I want you to say “No more” and throw it out of your energy field.


Take that hand you used to throw out the worst thing and protectively put it over the most wonderful thing that has happened to you.

Bring the energy of the wonderful event into your heart and hold your hand over your heart.

From your heart, with a renewed sense of gratitude and thanksgiving, allow that energy of the best thing that has happened to you to move through your energy field.


Dr Cathy’s Comments

You get to choose what you’re going to hold onto, what you’re going to make the focus of your life. Make a decision each day about what you’re going to bring into your heart.

Bringing pain into your heart produces a broken heart. Focusing on the wonderful events of life can give you the strength to overcome the difficult stretches.

A Prayer for Others When You Feel Helpless

Mom Shared with Me This Prayer for Others
When You Feel Helpless



Few people realize the amazing power of prayer. The power is there when you do it right.

Do it right? How can you “do it” wrong?  You do it wrong when you’re not really praying. Let me explain.

The Elements of Prayer

In Catholic School I learned that “Prayer is the lifting of the mind and heart to God.” I’m not sure that’s the exact quote, but that is what is in my heart.

Let’s break down the action of prayer into simple steps.

    • You have an intention. Most people use prayer to ask for help for themselves or for someone else. Others give thanks and gratitude. Still others take the time to simply connect with Spirit from their heart.
    • You connect with God. It doesn’t matter what your name for God is. For years I had a private name for God I held sacred in my heart. Now I invoke Amma, the feminine aspect of God. Some people invoke Abba, the masculine aspect of God. In the Christian tradition, Jesus is called upon as well as the Holy Spirit. I’ve heard people begin their prayers with Spirit, Mother-Father God, Universal Love and other prayers.God being omniscient and a heart-reader knows who you’re calling upon.
  • Lift your mind and heart to God. This happens when you’re connecting with God. Your mind and heart are engaged in the process of calling upon God. You cannot have prayer if your mind and heart is not engaged.

Prayer is NOT a Substitute for Action

Prayer is action itself. Real prayer. Not the “I’ll pray for you” when you want to avoid being of service through actions or contributions. Not the, “OK, Jesus take care of them” when you haven’t stopped to connect with God from your mind and heart. Not the, “You help them God” when God is asking you to be God’s representative by your action.

God calls us to action. People’s response to God’s call when they don’t want to respond is probably one of the biggest daily miracles.

The Prayer for Others when You’re Helpless

When you’ve done everything you can do or when their is nothing you can do for someone you love, what can you do?


Trusting in the Will of God is a powerful action. We humans have the tendency to believe we could do better than God. Even if what you’re in the midst of is your greatest horror, still Trust.

Trust doesn’t mean you will get what you want. It doesn’t mean that you or your loved on will be healed. It just means to trust that the love of God surrounds you and your loved one. Trust there is a plan and you have no idea of the ramifications of what is happening now. Trust even if your heart is breaking.

My Mom’s Prayer

This prayer is not original to her. She read it in one of Ruth Carter Stapleton’s books. If the name rings a bell, she was Jimmy Carter’s sister and was a powerful evangelist and healer.

The prayer is simple. Here’s how to use it. Bring to mind someone you’re praying for. It could be you, your child, a loved one, or someone you heard about on the news.

Lift your mind and heart to God. Be fully focused on your connection with God and the person you’re praying for.

Ask God to fill them with all the love they need but haven’t received. Stay in that place of love as witness to God’s loving action.

Then trust. If you feel moved to take more action, follow the movements of your heart.


Go ahead and take 2-minutes to use this prayer for yourself or a loved one now.

Take Time to Rest in Truth

Can You Believe the Truth about Who You Are?

What would happen if you had a cheering squad who cheered you on throughout the day?

Your cheering squad would only point out what you’re doing right and remind you of what you can do.

Take just under three minutes and allow the words in this video to wash over you.

You are much more than you could ever know. After all, you were created from Infinite Love.

Are You the Power and Presence of God

Being the Power and Presence of God is a Spiritual Practice

galaxyWhen I was in high school, Sr. Mary Charles told us the story of American soldiers going into a bombed out church. They found a statue of Jesus whose hands had been broken off.

The parishioner decided not to have the hands reconstructed. Instead they made a sign, “You be my hands.”

That is what being the Power and Presence of God is. You are the hands and the heart of God here on Earth.

How to Be the Power and Presence of God

In an earlier post, I discussed what being Love Incarnate is. Being the Power and Presence of God flows from being Love Incarnate.This means you are made in God’s image. Be the person who is made in God’s image.

Be the Power and Presence of God.

You may think that is hubris to believe you could be the Power and Presence of God. It is not. It is a reminder of who you are. God created you in God’s image. Be the Love from which you were created.

This is not an easy thing. Being the Love of God means we act as Love would act. We would be willing to open our hearts to those we don’t understand. Be willing to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

We would be willing to do the great things which come from our heart. When you feel the inner urge to do an act of kindness, begin a business which gives to others, start a world wide corporation which provides healing of mind, heart or body to others, follow that urge.

The urge begins with small steps. This could be as simple as picking up a plastic bottle on small stepsthe beach. A Dutch teenage, Boyan Slat, was diving off the coast of Greece and was astounded at the amount of plastic floating in the ocean. Boyan developed a process to recover that plastic and has raised 320 MILLION dollars. It is supposed to begin this year. (You may read about it here.)

Boyan Slat is an example of the creative energy of God. He saw a problem which touched his heart and decided to do something about it.

There is no need for perfection.

To be the Power and Presence of God  you don’t need to be perfect. You simply need to follow what is in your heart, act upon it and persevere.

Do You Dare to Grow Spiritually?

Spiritual growth is not for the weak of heart.

spiritual growthTo grow spiritually, you must be daring, willing to take risks. You have to be willing to be different than most of the world. You have to dare to grow spiritually. I’d like to explain what I mean by that.

When I was a Roman Catholic Christian, I realized that being one was not easy. There were tough decisions to make about how I thought, acted and lived my life. Not only were there the rules of the Catholic Church, not all of which I agreed with, there were also the teachings of Jesus. I still hold onto those teachings of Jesus. They imbue my spiritual growth today although, I express it differently than I did previously.

My favorite summary of what a Christian should be is found in Matthew 5-7, The Sermon on the Mount. I’m going to list my highlights.

The Core of Christian Living (for Me)

  1. Don’t hide your gifts. (Matt 5:16) We have an obligation to use the gifts given to ushiding by our Creator. We are to be an example of right living. (A little interpretation there.)
  2. Wrong action begins with wrong thought. (Matt 5: 21-30) Adultery and murder are the two examples Jesus uses. They begin with your thoughts. They begin with not controlling your feelings. Without right thought and feeling you end up with wrong, and life changing, tragic action.
  3. Resolve your anger. (Matt 5: 21-26) Anger leads to destruction and can lead to murder. It can certainly poison your life.
  4. Don’t look at people as objects for your own use. (Matt 5: 27-30) The concept of lust is not about the other person. It’s about you and you wanting to use the other person to satisfy your own desires. Just don’t.
  5. Bless those who harm youBless those you don’t like, those who you disagree with, those who can’t stand you. (Matt 5: 44) Following this verse takes great commitment and discipline. I’ll just quote it here: “…love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you…” Can you say to the next person who says something ugly to you, “May you you be filled with love and receive the deepest desire of your heart?” Try it next time and see how you do.
  6. Do good without making it a PR moment. (Matt 6: 1-4) Keep your charitable acts private.
  7. Quit worrying. (Matt 6:25-34) Just don’t. It’s all about trusting God and trusting trustyou’ll be taken care of. That’s a tough one, isn’t it?
  8. Mind your own business. (Matt 7:1-6) OK, it really says don’t judge. What other people are, do or think, if it doesn’t affect you, just leave it alone. You judging is about you, not them.
  9. Pass the fruit test. (Matt 7: 15-20) If your thoughts and actions produce good in others, you pass the fruit test. If you have peace within you. You pass the fruit test. If people strive to be better around you, you pass the fruit test.

How do you live these 9 challenges in the Sermon on the Mount?

Did You Know You Are Love Incarnate?

You Are Love Incarnate!

sunsetAs I came to know Amma through my channeled messages from her, I was introduced to the concept of being Love Incarnate. She would say, and still says, “You are Love Incarnate! Everyone is Love Incarnate!”

What does that mean? It’s very simple, actually.

It stems from being created from one essence, that essence being Love. When I was studying theology at the Notre Dame, I had this amazing professor who taught the “God” Course. As part of one of my answers on a quiz, I had said, “God is Love.” She added, “Itself.” God is Love Itself.

Made from the Essence of God

Since Love was the only material God had to create from, we were created from Love. That makes us Love Incarnate.

After Amma told us this she gave us a little exercise. I invite you to try it.

Go into your heart. Do this by simply focusing on your heart. Notice how you feel emotionally, mentally and physically. You don’t need to take a long inventory. Just notice how you feel.

Now say out loud, even if you mutter it to yourself, “I am Love Incarnate.” Say it several times. “I am Love Incarnate. I am Love Incarnate.”

Do you notice anything different in your body? The first time I did this I had an experience I can only describe as my cells waking up and listening to me. I could feel myself awakening in a way I hadn’t experienced before.

Then Amma had us bring to mind someone we were having a difficult time with. You do that now, also. Now imagine standing in front of them and saying, “You are Love Incarnate.”

Now say, “I am Love Incarnate. You are Love Incarnate.” Keep saying it and notice any differences. You may not experience anything. I certainly do. I’m also reminded that, as much as I may disagree with or have been hurt by someone, we were both made from the same substance. That substance is Love.


The last exhortation is, “Be the Love that you are.” Be the Love I was created from. Be Love. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “What would Jesus do?” Ask yourself, “What would love do?” How can I, how can you, live the Love you are?

Focus on your heart and ask that question, “How can I put into action the Love I was created from?” “How can I be Love?”

Listen to the still voice within you. Jot down the answer and consider how you’ll follow what your inner self is telling you.