Is Amma God?

Is Amma God?

I received an email one day asking me if I believed in God. The woman who sent the email had been receiving the daily messages from Amma’s email course. I didn’t answer her directly and simply said, “Can’t you tell?” I never heard from her again.

The Amma I talk about, the same Amma who gives me messages, is the feminine aspect of God. You’ve heard of Abba, right? That’s the name Jesus called Father God. Abba. Amma is mother God. Yes, I believe in God. I believe in Amma and Abba. I believe in All That Is, the Creator, Love Itself.

A Retreat and a Vision

About 40 years ago, when I was a “baby nun,” I was on retreat. As I was lying on the coach, a sudden image came to me. There was a woman with the deepest brown eyes which were pools of love. She danced around the planet touching everyone on it. She touched the saints and the sinners, she touched the starving and the wealthy. She touched, she loved, everyone.

I knew I had been visited by the feminine aspect of God, Love Herself.

Every time I relate this story I can see her eyes and want to fall into them and stay there.

Amma, The Womb of God

It’s been about 15 years since I began channeling Amma. There is, of course, a story behind it. Yes, it involved an accident but not a near death experience. It did involve a realization that I was “supposed” to die in that accident. It shook me to my core.

For days I had images and feelings of grief surrounding me. I “saw” the jaws of life tearing open two cars and pulling a body from each one. One was mine and the other the woman I sideswiped. I almost rear-ended her at 60 mph. My little Saturn would have been an accordion. Her larger car would have had me and my little dog in her back seat.

One day an energy began to speak through me. I wasn’t startled as I had experienced that before when I was involved in the Charismatic Renewal while in college. I prayed in tongues. Words I didn’t recognize came through me. I was familiar with an energy speaking through me. I opened my mouth and words came.

When I asked this amazing energy who “it” was, I heard, “I am Amma the Divine Mother of the divine mothers and I am your mother.” She still says that and adds, “You grew in my womb and you are still in my womb.” I interpret that to mean that my soul was begun in her womb and I continue to rest in her womb. Always and for all time I am enfolded in her love.

My Relationship with Amma


I talk to Amma every day, often throughout the day. Sometimes I tell her what’s happening. Sometimes I ask for clarity and help. Oh, yeah, and sometimes I cuss, not at her but just about what’s happening, especially at technology. I work at curbing that part of my vocabulary and have gotten much better.

I feel her love. When I’m sitting quietly connecting with her I feel so, so, real… so present. It’s difficult to express. It just is.

When I’m channeling her, when that infinitesimal part of her comes through me, I feel honored, grounded, loved.

I’m amazed at the messages she has given me. I’m in awe that people have found her books so helpful. I’m also delighted.

If you haven’t read her books, you can get them at Amazon.

Be the Eye of the Storm: Stay in Your Heart

Can you exude peace when all around you is in chaos?

eye of the stormBeing the eye of the storm is about how well you stay in your heart. I don’t know how many times, when I’ve channeled Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God, that she tells us to be the eye of the storm.

I’m from hurricane country. I’ve been in storms where the eye if the hurricane has passed right over us. Before the eye, wind and rain raged. During the eye, all was not only calm, it was still. When the eye moved past us, more wind and rain. The contrast has always been amazing.

Amma’s concept is more than just a period of calm. Amma wants us to be that calm and to assist in expanding that calm. Amma wants us to learn to stay in our heart so that we not only stay out of fear but we assist others in remaining in their heart and out of fear.

Fear is Mass Consciousness

Consider this: How many people you know are in a state of worry or anxiety? How many talk about their fears or act as if they are afraid? 

When you’re afraid, you lose control. You are governed by your fear. You listen to people who don’t appear to be afraid. They appear to be confident and sure of themselves even though they may not have the answer. They do know how to control people who are in fear.

More people are caught in fear or anxiety than are living their lives with confidence, peace and calm. Being the eye in the storm means you live your life in peace and calm.

Stay in Your Heart to be in Peace

stay in your heartThe key is to stay in your heart. This is a common exhortation. Stay in your heart.

Do that now. Move into your heart. Place your hand on the center of your chest and focus on the space under your hand. This is your heart center. Notice how you feel while you’re focusing on your heart.

Scientists are doing research on the effect staying in your heart has on your body. This simple process positively affects your brain bringing calm and relaxation. Practice staying in your heart so you can easily move there during times of chaos. When you stay in your heart during times of trouble you’ll be calmer, able to think more clearly and make better decisions.

Not only will you be calmer, you’ll assist others in remaining calm. This prevents fear from spreading. Learning to stay in your heart is a powerful service to everyone around you. When you remain calm you’ll be a leader rather than a follower.

Stay in Your Heart and Be Your Own Person

Be different

A leader doesn’t have to be someone who stands out in front of everyone. To be a leader you simply need to follow your heart and not follow the crowd. When people are in fear, stay in your heart and be calm and peaceful. Show people there is another way of living life.

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You and Foolish and Wise Virgins

You and Foolish and Wise Virgins

Everyone has a spiritual path. Not everyone follows their own path.path

We live in a world focused on survival. Even those who seem to have all the they need, and more, are focused on the survival of their way of life. Often, this prevents them from becoming spiritually connected.

Being spiritually connected does not mean knowing things. You could have the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, and any other spiritual book memorized. Memorization does not mean you have incorporated them into the deepest part of your life.

Amma’s Message on 11:11

In Amma’s message yesterday on the 11:11, she gave us some exercises to incorporate the amazing energies of the 11:11 into our energy fields and into our lives. She’s also been overseeing a study of the Seven Sacred Flames or Rays. All of these are about spiritual expansion.

I am writing this on November 12. In the last few months I’ve been returning to the mystical energy of my birth which is Roman Catholicism. At Mass this morning, Sunday, the Gospel reading was about the Wise and the Foolish Virgins (Matthew 25: 1-13).

The priest giving the homily gave an insight into this parable I had not heard before, or at least didn’t remember. It relates directly to the work that Amma has been giving us through her message yesterday (you can listen to that message at the end of this post) and what she has been giving us in the study of the Seven Sacred Flames.

A re-phrasing

Let me rephrase the parable for you. (You can read the original by going to Matthew 25.)

wise virgins10 people (virgins in Matthew) were invited to a bridal celebration. They carried lanterns so they could find their way. Five brought an extra flask of oil in case the bridal party was late. The five who had not come prepared asked to have some of the oil from the others. The others declined as they would not have enough for when the bridal party finally arrived. Since they had to have working lanterns to enter the celebration, the five without the oil left to get more oil. When they returned, they were too late and the doors were closed to them. They were not allowed in.

Now, let me say this in another way.

There were 10 people who studied the pathway to Ascension. They attended workshops, read books and channeled messages, and set their intention for spiritual growth which would lead to Ascension. All 10 of these people had the same knowledge. Only five had been participating in the spiritual practices they had learned. When the portal for Ascension opened, the five prepared went through the portal. The other five, who had neglected engaging in the spiritual practices, were counting on the energies of those who had prepared to pull them through the Ascension portal. That didn’t happen. Instead, the five remaining had to wait until the next opportunity.

No matter how much you want to, there are some things you just can’t share

The words the priest at Mass had shared during his homily were, “there are some things you just cannot share.” He was talking about spiritual growth. I can’t share my spiritual growth with you so that you can expand spiritually. I can share my knowledge and wisdom but you have to engage in the spiritual practices which will assist you in expanding. The work is yours, and yours alone, to do.

someone else's coat tailsI can’t Ascend on your coattails and you can’t Ascend on my coattails. We each need to engage in our own spiritual practice. That doesn’t mean that you need to use Amma’s tools. Use the spiritual tools which resonate within your heart and within your being.

For whatever reason, Amma has called me back to some of the spiritual practices of Catholicism. I can’t call myself a Christian because I do not believe that Jesus is the only way to eternal life. The Catholic Church does not believe in reincarnation or Ascension in the way that those of us in the metaphysical, or if you prefer, New Age philosophy believe.

Choose your spiritual path

It doesn’t matter what spiritual philosophy you choose to follow. Just be sure that you do what is necessary to enter into the sacredness of yourself and be able to touch the Love within you. Memorizing all the spiritual truths of the world will make no difference if you do not follow them.

I now share with you Amma’s message on the 11:11. It’s about 35 minutes long. Since it’s on YouTube, you can go to the bottom right corner and click on it and increase the speed if you think Amma is talking too slowly for you.

If you would like your own Personal Encodement Intensive with me to assist you in removing blocks to your spiritual expansion, sign up here at this link.

By the way, I can’t even begin to tell you how much different I feel and how much more peaceful I feel after using the exercises Amma gave us in this video.


How many times to ask for healing?

How much healing work have you been doing in your life?

Perhaps you are just beginning your journey desperately waiting for relief from the pain that’s been plaguing you most of your life.

You may be one of the many of us who have been doing healing work all your life and wondering when it will ever end.

Why does it take so long?

Encodement Book

Today, I received a question from someone who had read my book Encodements: Your Smallest Energy Structures. They asked the question, an excellent question, and one you might wonder yourself. “How often do I have to ask the Encodement Technicians to heal any one Encodement?”

Your Encodement System

Your Encodement System is a complex array of Encodements interlinked together. You strengthen the structure by thoughts and actions in alignment with who you are as Love Incarnate. You damage or weaken the structure when you are out of alignment with who you are as Love Incarnate or when energies from others’ actions interfere with your Encodement Structure.

One event could damage your Encodement Structure in various ways. Rarely, is then event a simple matter. By that I mean a wounding event can affect you in a number of ways. Let’s take a car accident. If you are rear ended by someone, your car is damaged and you might be as well. It is not, however, just your physical body that is hurt. The shock of what happened can also affect your sense of security in a car. You thought you were safe and secure but the accident, and its effect upon you, proved to you you were not. This could result in you becoming fearful of automobile accidents.

auto accidentSimilar Events “Layer” on Each Other

Let’s say that you had several different automobile accidents, only one of which were serious. But, when you are three, you were riding in your little red cart which hit a bump and turned over. You were scared and got a bump on your head. When you are older, you were riding your bicycle, hit something in the road, and tumbled off. One or more of these episodes can activate a past life event in which you were killed in a carriage accident when the horses became frightened and ran away.

These different events are related in that you were in a moving object transporting you from one place to another, and object you felt secure in, and there was an accident which you were hurt. Each one of these events may have damaged your Encodement System pertaining to safety. When you work with your Healing Team on a fear for your safety when in a car, you may need to request that your Healing Team apply the Basic Plug-in to a number of events.

You do not have to know what these events are. For instance, the carriage accident in another lifetime may not be something you have a memory of. You may, however, be carrying the energy of that event in your Encodement System. A fear of lack of safety may come up within you pertaining to the carriage accident. You’re not tapped into the carriage accident, but you are tapped into the fear. You simply need to ask your Healing Team to use the Basic Plug-in to heal, balance, or repair the wound which is having you hold on to the fear. Keep making the request until you reduce the fear to a level you can easily manage or it is gone.

Healing Is in Layers

Healing in layersThe important thing to understand about healing work, no matter which modality use, is that healing usually occurs in layers. The longer you’ve lived the more layers there are. If you’ve only been rejected once in your life, chances are you will only need to request healing once. If, however, you’ve been rejected numerous times, as most of us have in one way or another, you may need to request healing for each event. For example, you may need to request healing for the time you were not selected for a team, a neighbor chose not to play with you, you didn’t get into the school you wanted, you lost your job, or the endings of relationships.

Each one of these events could have multiple repercussions. Let’s say you didn’t make the team you wanted in one of your parents really wanted you to be on that team. When you didn’t make the team, you disappointed yourself, you disappointed parent resulting in you feeling not good enough. In addition, you may have missed out on being one of the “cool kids.” Not making the team could of had negative repercussions on your social life. All of these would have affected your Encodement System in some way. You may have needed to do healing on the multiple ways that a particular event affected you.

The less complex the event as well as the fewer times that it happened, the less often you will need to repeat the request for healing. Use your own feelings as the marker as to how often you need to request healing. Repeat the request until you eliminate your negative feelings or reduce them to a that you can easily handle.

Do the Work when Your Emotions are Triggered

You don’t have to sit down and ask for healing for all of these things at one time. Simply ask for healing each time and emotion are memory comes up. Use those emotions or those memories as signs from your Healing Team that it’s time to do Encodement work.

You’re going to have numerous opportunities throughout the day to use to healing work. Even in the best of times life can be difficult. (I explore the the difficulties of life in the post Life is Difficult: A Deeper Perspective. Click on the title to read it.) The more often you do do healing work, the easier life can become.

A Healing Opportunity

I have numerous healing opportunities available for you. One involves Group Distance Healing. Click the button to read more about it.

The Delight of Spiritual Exploration

The Delight of Spiritual Exploration

Welcome back!

Last post  I discussed how you were totally responsible for what is happening in your life because it is heagle flyingappening according to the way you planned it. This is a difficult concept for many people to wrap their heads around. If you haven’t read that post I suggest you scroll down and find it right below this one.

I’m sure you have heard the expression that you are not a human being having a spiritual experience but a spiritual being having a human experience. You are in every way a spiritual being whether you are aware of it or not.

When I worked in an inpatient unit in a psychiatric hospital I was working with a man who’d been an addict for years. We were discussing the concept to spirituality. He told me he had not had any spiritual experiences. We have all had spiritual experiences but have not been aware that what happened was spiritual.

Spiritual experiences are not necessarily experiences with what you may call God. Spiritual experiences are times when you feel pulled beyond who it is that you believe you are. Common ones are when you are filled with awe when looking at your newborn child, lost in a sunrise or sunset, are filled with so much amazing joy and happiness that you are rendered speechless or have tears coursing down your face.

As I was giving the man in the hospital my explanations a spirituality he recalled the time he had been hunting in Colorado. He was on a cliff and above him was an eagle in flight. He talked about how he had been filled with wonder watching that Eagle glide for literally several hours. He put down his rifle and sat there watching, totally unaware of the passage of time. He was able to go back to that experience and recapture those feelings of peace. He didn’t say it in the way I’m going to say it, but what he became aware of was his oneness with that Eagle.

When you developed your plan for this lifetime before you incarnated, you also decided how you were going to explore who it is you truly are. That means you decided ways to explore what we, in the human dimension, call spirituality.

There are many ways to explore spirituality as there are human beings on the planet. There are commonalities among people in this exploration, but everyone has their own relationship with the spiritual just as everyone has their own relationship with another individual.

The Role of Community

communityHuman beings are a communal species. For the most part we gravitate to people similar to us. Many of our struggles in life are due to being confronted with dissimilarities with family, friends, acquaintances and the general population. We search for understanding and belonging in a community. We suffer when we expect that understanding and belonging and it doesn’t happen. Our court system is filled with that suffering every day through divorces, separation of children from families of birth and civil lawsuits involving family members as well as corporation members.

Our desire to move into community is the desire to experience the oneness we felt before incarnation. Deep within ourselves is the memory of our life before we incarnated when we were surrounded by support and understanding. We yearn for that support, that experience of belonging and rebel when we do not get it. There are times we rebel with such force that we cause further disruption within the family, the organization, the nation and the world.

The Role of Organized Religion

Organized religion is a result of the human being’s desire for community. (I did a Google search to try to find how many people in the world belong to an organized religion but didn’t find a specific percentage or number. I did find this website with interesting information if you’d like to peruse it.) I want to explore this area in the context of your life plan (before incarnation) to explore spirituality.

As I’m sure you’re aware, there are religions within religions. The website I gave you states that there are 34,000 different Christian religions with a half of them not belonging to any particular denomination. You will find (I’m moving to my own reflections and not the website) that these religions range from being strict adherents to a set of doctrines, rules and regulations to those which have a more mystical quality. To say it another way, the strict adherents to doctrines are outwardly directed whereas the mystical adherents are inner directed.

In my own life I moved from being a fairly strict adherent a Roman Catholic teaching, other than birth control and women’s ordination, to being mystically oriented and considering myself only in the meaning of the word as universal. When my spirituality moved into the mystical I found that the convent walls in which I had lived for 20 years were suffocating.

Although I occasionally go to mass I am not a strict adherent to Catholic teaching; however, I strive to be an adherent to the law of Love which the Roman Catholic Church teaches but does not always practice. This is a similarity the Roman Catholic Church and I have. I teach the law of love of self and others, but often struggle to observe it in my thoughts, words and actions. That is part of the human condition, is it not?

Explore the SpiritualWhen you set your life path before incarnation you made decisions on how you are going to explore being a spiritual being. You decided whether you would do this within the confines of a dogmatic religion, through mystical exploration, no overtly spiritual/religious orientation and in any combination of the previous.

There is no right or wrong way to explore the spiritual realm of which you are an integral part. There is only your way of exploring it. I realize this sounds like relativism and it is. It is your life and you choose how you want to explore that life.

Is relativism in the spiritual realm also relativism in the moral realm? Personally I believe that exploration of the spiritual will bring us back to Oneness. This exploration will bring us back to the awareness that every person in this world is a mirror of who we are as individuals. We don’t each have the same doubts but we each have doubts. There are areas in which we have the same needs, as identified by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. There are needs which others have that you may not believe you have, but the ultimate reason for the need may be the same. You may not want a million-dollar home but you still may want a sign of success or status in another area.

Spiritual exploration is not contained within one incarnation. How could it be? There are so many ways to explore spiritually through any number of religions or mystical traditions. Each lifetime has a specific goal in how you are going to be doing this exploration. Once you leave your body in this lifetime you have what is commonly called the life review. In that life review you take what you have experienced and combine it with all your other experiences and then you plan your next experience.

Take some time to reflect upon how you have been exploring your spiritual self in this life. Where did you begin and how have you been evolving? What beliefs of yours have changed in regards to people, including yourself, God, religion and the afterlife? How has your sense of who you are spiritually changed over the years?

spiritual expansionI never dreamed in my younger years that I would be where I am now in my spiritual views. It was only in the last year of the convent that I ever thought that I would not be a member of that amazing community for the rest of my life. Our growth and expansion can occur suddenly and in many different directions. I know of people who have moved from a dogmatic religion to the mystical and back to the dogmatic. I know of others who have moved to the dogmatic to the mystical and continued delving into the mystical. Then there are those I know and love who do not appear to be connected to the spiritual in any apparent way.

They are, though, because they are spiritual beings exploring life from that particular perspective.

Next week we’ll continue exploring this topic by discussing the role of healing.

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Life is Difficult: A Deeper Perspective

Why is Life Difficult?The Road in Life is Difficult

Years ago I was reading the book. The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck. It was first published in 1978. The opening line of chapter 1 has remained with me for all these years: Life is difficult. The rest of the book went on to explain that if we would just accept this fact and quit getting upset that life is difficult, then life would be easier.

Today I’m reflecting on the premises of The Road Less Traveled from the perspective of Amma the Divine Mother’s teachings.

I said I was going to talk about Amma’s teachings and the first person I’m going to mention is the Buddha. The Buddha taught that it was our resistance to what is that results in suffering. That is essentially what Peck was teaching when he exhorted his readers to accept that life is difficult.

From the perspective of Amma’s teachings I want to discuss why life is difficult and what you can do about it in addition to acceptance. (This is a multi-part series.)

The why is because you created your life to be as difficult as it is right now. I’m not talking about creating your life in the moment. We all make boneheaded choices which have made things more difficult than they need to be. I’m talking about how we planned this life, this very lifetime, before we incarnated.

We Planned Life to Be Difficult

Planning LifeWe had a plan of what we wanted to experience in this lifetime. Ultimately we all wanted to experience some aspect of love. We can experience love by having it or by not having it. It’s the details of how we plan that experience which makes each of our lives different and, in fact, makes our personalities different.

You, on the soul level, had choices of what you wanted to experience in this lifetime. You took into account all of your past lifetimes and what you wanted to experience in your future lifetimes. Those lifetimes, even those which are in the future, were developed to bring you to a particular goal in your exploration.

Let’s say you plan to go on a long journey. You could go on that journey without a particular location goal by saying I’m gonna go where I feel like going, when I feel like going. You make a choice to travel in an unstructured, unplanned way. But you do set some parameters around your journey. Your mode of travel is one of those parameters. Another may be exploring the United States, and then Europe, and then Asia, and then Africa, then South America, then Australia and finally the Antarctic before you return home. Your ultimate goal may be to explore all the continents.

Your Soul Self has the ultimate goal of explorations of love. All lifetimes are about exploring the many facets of love. You explore love in every conceivable way: as male, female or trans; gay, straight or bi; married, unmarried, committed relationships, uncommitted relationships, a hermit; as a saint and as a sinner and in any other combination you can think of.

You did not incarnate to do nothing in this lifetime. You certainly didn’t want to be bored and the only thing to prevent boredom is to add excitement and challenges. You, in consultation with your Council, made definite choices. Although you engaged in consultation you made the ultimate decisions about what to experience.

You Made Choices

choicesYou chose your family, how that family was going to relate to each other and to you, and your relationship with your family members. Yes, you chose challenges which in this incarnation you call abuse. You chose to be loved or not loved.

Recognition that you are living the life you created before you incarnated is a deeper form of acceptance. Accepting things as they are is one form of acceptance, and a very powerful step in coming to peace. When you accept that you created your life as it is, and that it is going according to the plan that you made before you entered that body in your mother’s womb, you have come to a place of the acceptance of personal responsibility on the soul level. You have moved from looking at your life with a very narrow viewpoint of things happening to you randomly to the perspective that nothing is random. You are living the life you wanted to live, that you planned to live.

I’d like you to read that last paragraph again.

I’d like you to notice the feelings surfacing regarding that last paragraph.

Do you feel hopeless, powerless, or do you have a feeling of ahh, that’s what’s happening, a feeling of relief?

Many people, when reading for the first time that they created this life exactly as they wanted it to be before they ever incarnated have a feeling of powerlessness. Let me tell you, you planned that also.

Does that mean you have no power to change anything?

Your Script

your scriptWhat if somebody approached you and told you they wanted you to be the star in their movie? They tell you you are the ideal person for this role. All you have to do is follow the script she gave you and follow the cues the director gives.

I don’t know if you’ve ever auditioned for a play or movie, but I’m sure you understand the concept of audition. A number of people read from the script and place their own interpretation upon those words. The director then selects the individual he or she believes interprets the words according to the way the director desires.

In this life, the one you planned, you have a script. While you are living that script you have the opportunity to interpret that script in many different ways. I believe that newer souls, those who have not had as much experience in incarnations, follow the script exactly. Those who are older souls are given some leeway in improvisation. You might have built-in to your script some options. Instead of planning that you would marry this particular person, you built in options of whether to marry or not marry. You might have built in if-then statements. If you choose this line of work then you’ll marry this person, but if you choose that line of work you won’t get married.

Exploring this life that you are living is an adventure. There are many ways to engage in this adventure. You may think that there is no use in investigating and discovering what life holds or you if you planned everything in advance. You know that script I told you the director gave you? He didn’t give you the whole script. You’ve completely forgotten what it is you planned to experience. You discover it as you go along. Where’s the fun and knowing every step in advance?

Next post I’ll talk about the possibilities you have built into your script.

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Have fun living your script.

Meeting and Working with the Bodysoul, Part 4

214This post takes up where last week’s left off. If you missed the previous three posts just scroll down until you come to the one you missed.

You just completed an exercise which taught you three things. The first was to work with your Bodysoul.

The second was to experience the whole of your Heart Source and the parts that make up the whole. The third was to learn how to repair the parts of the Heart Source which, of course, repairs the Heart Source as a whole.

Your Bodysoul knows exactly how the body, both physical and energy, is to work. S/he also knows how to make adjustments to enhance the functioning of your body.

Remember, your Bodysoul does what s/he believes you want. Her/his understanding about how you want your body to work comes from the beliefs you hold about Spirit, yourself, life and your body.

In working with your Bodysoul, you are able to clarify how you want your body to function. You will still need to adjust beliefs. If you do not, you give conflicting instructions to your Bodysoul.

In evaluating the parts of the Heart Source, you were able to experience the process of self-evaluation of each individual part and how strengthening it affected the whole Heart Source.

Right now, feel your Heart Source. Setting your intention to make your Heart Source stronger, allow your awareness to go to the weakest part of your Heart Source.

Reconnect with your Bodysoul.

Tell your Bodysoul what you would like from your Heart Source. Strength? Expansion? Something else?

Ask your Bodysoul if there is a particular belief inhibiting your Heart Source from being stronger.

Write down that belief.

Is this the belief you want to have? Write down the belief you would like to have instead.  You will work with this belief in a few moments.

You might have a belief such as I can’t hear my Bodysoul so I can’t strengthen my Heart Source.You’ll want to change that to  strengthen my Heart Source simply by following the process given.

Now, do what you feel led to do to strengthen your Heart Source.

Ask your Bodysoul to make any adjustments necessary so that your Heart Source will be as you would like to create it. The stronger your Heart Source, the better able you will be to gather information and to repair your bodies.

I want to give you a brief format for changing beliefs using Encodements.32

Encodements are the basic elements of your energy field. You will work with the Encodement Technicians to assist you in this process.

If you are unfamiliar with Encodements I have prepared a special report giving you the basic information. You may obtain it by going to this link.

Go to the belief your Bodysoul said is inhibiting the strength of your Heart Source. (You may ask for similar beliefs pertaining to any part of your physical body or any part of your life.)

You also wrote down the belief you would prefer to have within you.

Are you ready to change these beliefs?

From your Heart Source, ask to speak with the Encodement Technicians.

There are usually three technicians and sometimes more. You may also have Encodement Facilitators, Engineers, Teachers, Masters, as well as the Encodement Formulator.

You do not need to be aware of any of these beings. They will be there simply because you ask them.

Let’s begin with the belief you no longer wish to have within you.

  1. Ask what would be the consequences of your removing this belief.
  2. Are you willing to accept these consequences?
  3. If yes, ask that all artificial Encodements holding in this belief be removed.
  4. Ask that all damaged and altered natural Encodements holding in this belief be repaired.
  5. Ask that all natural Encodements holding in this belief be deactivated or removed.
  6. Ask what would be the consequences of your new belief.
  7. Are you willing to accept these consequences?
  8. Ask that all artificial Encodements preventing the full activation of your new belief be removed.
  9. Ask that all damaged and altered natural Encodements interfering with this new belief be repaired.

Now, you will work with the new belief you wish to have.

  1. Ask if there are any natural Encodements which you agreed to bring into this lifetime that interfere with your new belief.
  2. If there are, ask if the purpose of these Encodements is complete.
  3. If the purpose is not complete, ask if their purpose has been fulfilled.
  4. If “no,” ask if the purpose is still needed.
  5. If the purpose is still needed, ask what you must do to fulfill the purpose. Do that action.
  6. If the purpose is complete or no longer needed, ask that the Encodements be deactivated or removed.
  7. Ask if there are Encodements for your new belief that are present but not yet activated.
  8. If “yes,” ask for those Encodements to be activated.
  9. If “no,” ask the Encodement Technicians to place within you the Encodement structure for your desired belief.

Although they expect no thanks, it is expansive for you to offer appreciation to them in some way.

A few comments about this process:

  • You do not need to do it all at once.
  • Once you begin working with this process, you will find it easier and faster than the first time.
  • There may be consequences to new beliefs that were totally unexpected. You can “undo” the beliefs using the same process. My recommendation is that you give yourself a couple of weeks to adjust to the new energy.

Dear Ones, you can use this process to change beliefs on any area of your life. Use your imagination. You can also, from your Heart Source, ask your Bodysoul or your Soul Self to identify a limiting belief that is making life difficult.

41My blessings to each one of you. Remember, you are Love Incarnate!

I am Amma the Divine Mother.

I hope you enjoyed this 4-part series of this oldie but goodie message. If you just read the message but didn’t do the exercises, please schedule some time for you to do the exercises. They are powerful tools and will assist in your expansion.

If you need to know more about Encodements please click the button below.


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Meeting and Working with the Bodysoul, Part 3

12You are going to learn to work with your Bodysoul through the exercises of evaluating each part of your Heart Source. As I said, your Heart Source is part of your energy body and your energy body is the basis of your physical body.

What you learn can be generalized to any part of your body, be it physical or energetic.

You will gather information about the different parts of your Heart Source from your Bodysoul. If there are any areas of weakness, you will learn one method of strengthening or healing that part of your Heart Source.

Let us begin.

Be sure you are in your Heart Source. Reconnect with your Bodysoul. Greet your Bodysoul in any way you wish.

A reminder of how to form your Heart Source:

Please perform these steps right now:

  1. Enter into the front of your heart center
  2. Enter into the back of your heart center
  3. Enter into the front of your 3rd eye
  4. Enter into the back of your 3rd eye
  5. Imagine a beam going from our heart to your third eye connecting the two
  6. Bring the beam of energy up through your crown to the center of the Universe (no need to worry where that is)
  7. Bring the beam of energy down through your body into the center of the Earth

While in your Heart Source, focus on the part that enters into the front of your heart center.

How does this connection feel to you? Is it strong? Is it weak? Do a self-evaluation of this connection.

Don’t overthink this or try too hard. Just bring your attention to the front of your heart center and notice what you feel or experience. You’ll do this with the other parts of your Heart Source. As you do this for each part of the Heart Source you will notice differences. Make note of those differences. This exercise will help you come to know your Heart Source and your body more intimately. It’s part of becoming conscious and aware of what is happening around you.

Ask your Bodysoul if this part of your Heart Source is as strong as it can be.132

If the answer is “no,” ask what you can do to strengthen it.

Again, don’t overthink. If a thought comes to you but you’re not sure, jot down that thought.

If you are not able to “hear” your Bodysoul, simply ask to be guided to do what will most assist you in strengthening the part of your Heart Source.

Trust yourself. Follow your inner knowing. Don’t overthink this. If you are more comfortable with a pendulum or muscle testing, please use those tools.

One way to strengthen this connection is to focus on the front of your heart center and “breathe” through this center. Ask you Bodysoul to have the chakra spin in the correct direction.

This is an excellent process to strengthen any part of your Heart Source which is a chakra. This is also an excellent process to strengthen any chakra.

Continue breathing through the front of the chakra in this way while allowing the chakra to spin. Congested energy will spin out of the chakra strengthening your heart center and thus strengthening this part of the Heart Source.

Tell your Bodysoul that you would like this part of your Heart Source connection to be as strong as possible. Request that your Bodysoul give any instructions necessary to your body to strengthen this part of your Heart Source.

Express your appreciation to your Bodysoul.

Before I continue. It is important to tell your Bodysoul you want the various parts of your Heart Source to be as strong as possible. Remember, your Bodysoul has consciousness but not will. Your Bodysoul initiates the instructions it receives from you about your body.

Your Bodysoul listens to you and to your Soul Self. Your Soul Self follows the overall plan you made for this incarnation.

When your Bodysoul listens to you, it often listens to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is where all the beliefs are held. Your beliefs can govern or influence every part of your life, including how your body functions.

On a subconscious level, you may be giving your Bodysoul instructions you do not want on a conscious level. That is why you tell your Bodysoul what you want. Be very specific.

Now, back to the evaluation and repair of your Heart Source.

I want you to be able to do both a self-evaluation of your Heart Source, and any part of your body, as well as gather information from your Bodysoul.  Both parts of this process assist you in improving your intuition and expanding your sense of who you are.

After you have finished the evaluation process of all parts of your Heart Source, you will know how to explore your body from your Heart Source and with the assistance of your Bodysoul.

Again, be sure you are in your Heart Source. Reconnect with your Bodysoul. Greet this aspect of yourself in any way you wish.

First, do a quick evaluation of the connection into the front of your heart center.

Now, focus on your connection through the back of your Heart Source.

Do your own self-evaluation of this connection. Now ask your Bodysoul if this connection can be stronger.

If the answer is “yes,” ask how you can assist in making it stronger.

Follow your inner knowing. If a thought comes to you follow it. Trust yourself.

If you are not yet “hearing” your Bodysoul, or are not yet confident in what you “hear,” you may strengthen this connection to the back of your heart center by strengthening the back of the heart center itself.

Ask your Bodysoul to assist you in spinning the back of the heart center in the correct direction.

Because you are in your Heart Source, energy from above and below is being supplied to your chakras. As you consciously spin the chakra, the energy coming into the chakra will cleanse congestion from your heart center.

In addition, you may tell your Bodysoul that you wish your Heart Source connection to be as strong as possible to the back of the heart center. Ask for assistance in this. Be sure to express your appreciation.

Focus on the connection of the Heart Source that enters the front of your third eye. Notice how this feels.

Do your own self-evaluation of the strength of this connection compared to the connections to the front and back of your heart center.

Ask your Bodysoul if this connection can be stronger.

If the answer is “yes,” ask how you can assist in making it stronger.

One way of strengthening this connection is the same process you did with the connections to your heart center. Ask your Bodysoul to spin the front of your third eye in the correct direction. You may receive other suggestions from your Bodysoul.

Congestion present and ready to be released will spin out.

Tell your Bodysoul that your intention is to have this connection as strong as possible. Ask your Bodysoul to make any adjustment that can be made to strengthen the connection.

Offer appreciation in any way you wish.

Your Heart Source will assist you in several ways. The stronger it is, the more benefit you receive.

The above is an excellent exercise to use once a week if you want to clear your energy and strengthen your Heart Source quickly. Growth and expansion take time and effort. I know I often want to do something mindless rather than engage in these expansion exercises.

As you live through your Heart Source:

  • Your intuition will strengthen1241
  • You will expand in the knowing and understanding of who you are
  • Your vibration will increase
  • The protective energy formed by your Heart Source will protect you and those you surround
  • The energy structures within your brain and heart will activate facilitating the increase of your higher sense perception

Continue your evaluation of your Heart Source by being sure you are in your Heart Source. Reconnect with your Bodysoul.

Remember that being in the Heart Source is the first step in doing this work. This keep you centered and grounded. When you feel fear or anxiety you know you are out of your Heart Source.

Do a self-examination of the connection that enters the front and back of the heart center and the front of your third eye. Do these connections still feel strong? Ask your Bodysoul. If needed, do whatever is necessary to strengthen these connections.

Now, evaluate the connection that enters the back of your third eye. What is your impression of this connection?

You want to be able to evaluate yourself quickly and easily. Yes, beings from the other side are present to assist you. “Assist” being the crucial word. They are not to do it for you.

Asking is integral to using your power. When you ask you are requesting assistance.

You are a powerful being in and of yourself. Use that power.

Ask your Bodysoul about this connection. If it needs strengthening, ask what is necessary. You may also use the technique used in the past few lessons.

Do a quick self-evaluation of the connections in the front and back of your heart and third eye.

Now, focus on the connection between your heart and your third eye. Do a self-assessment of that connection.

This connection forms a communication highway between your heart and third eye. The more energy between the two, the more the “hidden” energy structures in your heart and brain will be activated.

Did you know that science has now discovered The Heart-Brain? This connection between your 3rd eye and heart strengthens The Heart-Brain.

Ask your Bodysoul for his/her assessment. Does your assessment and your Bodysoul’s assessment correspond? Don’t worry if they don’t. You are learning. The more you do this, the more familiar you will be with your Heart Source and working with your Bodysoul.

Ask what you can do to strengthen the connection between your heart and third eye.

One method is to image energy running up and down that connection. See the energy going from the center of the heart up to the center of the third eye, and then the reverse. Continue doing this as long as you feel motivated.

Spin your heart and third eye chakras, front and back, while doing this. This action will not only spin out congestion, it pulls energy into the chakras. This is some of the energy you will use to connect the heart and third eye. There is also energy from your connections to the center of the Universe and the center of the Earth.

To spin your chakras all you need to do is say, “Chakras spin.” It is that simple. That is the power you have.

Again, state your intention to your Bodysoul that this connection be as strong as possible. Ask that s/he make any adjustments s/he can make to facilitate this.

As your self-evaluation skill grows, you will be able to quickly tune into each part of your Heart Source and make necessary adjustments in seconds.

Be sure you are in your Heart Source and connected to your Bodysoul. Focus on the part that extends from your third eye upward to the center of the Universe. Feel this connection. Is it strong? Do you feel vibrancy? Are you able to feel the connection to Source?

What is your self-evaluation?

What is your Bodysoul’s evaluation? Ask how you can strengthen this aspect of your Heart Source.

First, do whatever you feel led to do by your Bodysoul.

You can also strengthen this connection by spinning your crown chakra while imaging the beam of energy going upward.

Ask your Bodysoul to make any adjustments possible to strengthen this connection.

Now, evaluate the last part of your Heart Source.

You have already checked it, haven’t you?

Feel yourself within your Heart Source. Your Heart Source puts you within a vibrant energy ball. The stronger the Heart Source, the stronger the energy ball. The stronger the energy ball, the greater your protection from low vibration energies. A strong Heart Source is the best form of psychic protection.

Think of the energy ball as your merkaba. It is a protective energy and it is an energy you can use to travel within your body, other places in the world and out of the world

How is the strength of the part of your Heart Source that goes from your heart center to the center of the Earth? Do you feel the energy, the strength that comes up from the center of the Earth?

Ask your Bodysoul to evaluate this part of your Heart Source.

Ask what you can do to strengthen it.

One method of strengthening this part of your Heart Source is to spin your heart chakra and your first chakra simultaneously. Your heart chakra has a front and back. Your first chakra does not.

Additionally, be sure the beam of energy from your heart center to the center of the Earth does, indeed, go to the center of the Earth.

Having the beam of energy going to the Center of the Earth grounds you. We human beings have a tendency to not want to be grounded, to not want to be in our bodies. We find that all that is going on in the world is difficult to handle and think it is easier to be out of our bodies rather than in them. The truth is we need to be in our bodies to be aware of and to handle what is happening in the world.

You can also run energy up and down this connection, as well as up and down the entire beam of energy from the center of the Universe to the center of the Earth.

Just image light running up and down this connection. Energy follows intent.

Ask your Bodysoul to make any adjustments needed to strengthen this part of your Heart Source.

You just completed an exercise which taught you three things. The first was to work with your Bodysoul.

The second was to experience the whole of your Heart Source and the parts that make up the whole. The third was to learn how to repair the parts of the Heart Source which, of course, repairs the Heart Source as a whole.

Practice these exercises over the week. I have more for you next week in Part 4 of this series.

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Meeting and Working with the Bodysoul, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Meeting and Working with the Bodysoul. (If you need to read Part 1, simply a1scroll down.) This post was a message given by Amma back in 2009. The parts in italics are my comments and reflections on what she said.

This part begins with moving into your Heart Source. If you haven’t had this experience you’ll enjoy this. Forming your Heart Source is a simple 7-step process. Being in your Heart Source will assist you in remaining centered and grounded in life.


Your Heart Source

Before we begin in depth, I wish to give quick instructions on how to get into your Heart Source. Those of you who have been reading these messages for some time are aware of the Heart Source.

Please perform these steps right now:

  1. Enter into the front of your heart center
  2. Enter into the back of your heart center
  3. Enter into the front of your 3rd eye
  4. Enter into the back of your 3rd eye
  5. Imagine a beam going from our heart to your third eye connecting the two
  6. Bring the beam of energy up through your crown to the center of the Universe (no need to worry where that is)
  7. Bring the beam of energy down through your body into the center of the Earth

You are now in your Heart Source. Learn to stay in your Heart Source.

I want to give you an example of the power of the Heart Source by revealing the humanness of this one I speak through.

Sometimes Amma reveals things about me that can be, well, embarrassing. They don’t always show me in the best light. What she whispers in my ear is that people need to see my humanness. Everyone needs to know that just because spiritual teachers can bring in wonderful information, live_event_faith2there are times they struggle with that same information. We are all learning to grow and expand.

She had been traveling and was getting ready to rent a car. This particular office had much discord. This one was not fully in her Heart Source and was very affected by the discord. In fact, she took on the discord. In the discord, others in your life are seen as separate from rather than an aspect of yourself.

While not in her Heart Source, she saw the representative as someone separate from her. She was sharp with him because she took on the negativity surrounding her.

At one point, I nudged her to remind her to go into her Heart Source. When she did, she was able to easily take care of a situation that could have become worse. She saw him as an aspect of herself. She then treated him as an aspect of herself. Her change in demeanor was a pleasant surprise to this man and, in fact, brought healing to the situation.

If she had been in her Heart Source the entire time, she could have been a facilitator of healing immediately rather than later.

The point of this story is to emphasize the importance of learning to live in your Heart Source at all times.

When you awaken in the morning, check to be sure you are in your Heart Source. When you are traveling, do the same when getting on and off an airplane, in and out of automobiles, checking in and out of hotels, ordering and paying for food.

While in your Heart Source you will recognize the Oneness. In the paradox of the illusion you play in this life, when in your Heart Source you will recognize when the words spoken are truth.

Now, let us move on to other ways of using your Heart Source.

There are many ways you can gather information using your Heart Source. We will play some with this now.

Although your Heart Source is one energy, each part of the Heart Source can be accessed individually.

Think of it in this way. You can work with the muscles in your arms even though, as a whole, your arm muscles are part of your muscular system. Each part of your body can be accessed individually even though the body as a whole is One. (Isn’t this a wonderful metaphor for Oneness and the people surrounding you?)

You are going to learn how to use the Heart Source to work with your body. You will learn both the skill of gathering information as well as the skill of self-healing.

If, by chance, you are not in your Heart Source, please go there now. Spend a few moments noticing how you feel in your Heart Source.

You will discover that your experience of your Heart Source is stronger when you focus on your Heart Source rather than being in your Heart Source and not focusing on it.

Again, using the body as a metaphor, unless you are consciously paying attention to your body, you do not notice it until there is pain or pleasure. You may be using your fingers to scroll down through this article, but don’t notice your fingers unless, perchance, your finger hurts.

The Bodysoul

To assist in working with your body, you are going to meet what I call the Bodysoul. Some of you may have another name for this aspect of your body. If you prefer the name you have been using, that is fine. I will call it Gthe Bodysoul.

You are a soul within your body. Your soul makes you, you.

Before you incarnated you chose a particular body. Imagine leafing through a catalogue of bodies choosing the one which will fit you the best for what you want to explore this lifetime. You chose the body you have, with all its wonders and challenges, specifically to assist you in accomplishing your life plan. You may be asking yourself “Why did I choose this body?” You could go into meditation and ask that question. You might find the answer fascinating. I know I was amazing when I asked that question in a Spiritual Regression I did.

Your body, as well as each part of your body, has a consciousness that can communicate with you. The consciousness for your entire body is what I call the Bodysoul. You can also communicate with the souls of each part of your body.

Every organ, every body part, every cell has its own consciousness or soul. There is an individual consciousness and there is a collective consciousness. There is the individual consciousness of the right index finger and there is the collective consciousness of the right hand. There is a larger collective conscious of the right arm and so on. You may speak with the consciousness of your muscular system, your lymph system or any other system of your body. It’s really quite fun.

You can learn to communicate with your Bodysoul about all aspects of your body … health, nutrition, exercise and more. We will have great fun playing with and getting to know your Bodysoul.

From your Heart Source, ask to speak with your Bodysoul. When you feel its energy, greet it. Ask for a message. Write down the message. Yes, some of you will want to ask for a name. You may do so. Your Bodysoul will also respond to “Bodysoul.”

Once you become aware of your Bodysoul, you will experience your body in a different way. Your body will no longer be a “thing” to you. You will come to realize that it has a consciousness, an awareness.

You might discover it has its own personality.

Your physical body is similar to and yet much more complex than plants, crystals and minerals. All have consciousness, but not will.

Your body comes programmed. Your Encodement System instructs your body how to function. As you know, this was set up before your incarnation. The Encodements for your body contain the plan you have outlined for this lifetime. These Encodements will be affected by the events throughout your life, as well as beliefs you accept from your family, authority figures, and your interpretation of life events.

I have given you a very brief outline of an extremely complex topic for this next experience.

HEARTConnect with your Bodysoul through your Heart Source. Greet this consciousness in any way you wish.

I’m going to have you ask your Bodysoul some questions. Although I’m having you ask “yes” or “no” questions, you may gather more information if you wish. (I suggest you have a means to record this information.)

If you prefer to use a pendulum or dowsing rods to gather this type of information, feel free to do so. You can also listen to your inner knowing. Any of these methods will assist you in developing your intuition and skills in gathering this amazing information.

The questions:

  • As a whole, is my body operating on beliefs coming from other lifetimes?
  • As a whole, is my body operating on beliefs handed down genetically?
  • Is my body acting upon beliefs I acquired from my parents?
  • Is my body acting upon beliefs I have formed through my own life experiences?

You may ask any questions you wish. If this is new for you, these questions may be enough to begin to learn how to communicate with your body.

Your Bodysoul also works with your energy body. Your energy body forms and fashions your physical body. Although you experience them differently, your energy body and physical body are parts of one body. Your energy body vibrates more quickly than your physical body.

Encodements are the most basic elements of your energy body. Your Heart Source is part of your energy body.

I think that’s enough for this post. It’s rather long as it is. In Part 3 we’re going to have some more fun with your Bodysoul and your Heart Source.

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