Be the Eye of the Storm: Stay in Your Heart

Can you exude peace when all around you is in chaos?

eye of the stormBeing the eye of the storm is about how well you stay in your heart. I don’t know how many times, when I’ve channeled Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God, that she tells us to be the eye of the storm.

I’m¬†from hurricane country. I’ve been in storms where the eye if the hurricane has passed right over us. Before the eye, wind and rain raged. During the eye, all was not only calm, it was still. When the eye moved past us, more wind and rain. The contrast has always been amazing.

Amma’s concept is more than just a period of calm. Amma wants us to be that calm and to assist in expanding that calm. Amma wants us to learn to stay in our heart so that we not only stay out of fear but we assist others in remaining in their heart and out of fear.

Fear is Mass Consciousness

Consider this: How many people you know are in a state of worry or anxiety? How many talk about their fears or act as if they are afraid? 

When you’re afraid, you lose control. You are governed by your fear. You listen to people who don’t appear to be afraid. They appear to be confident and sure of themselves even though they may not have the answer. They do know how to control people who are in fear.

More people are caught in fear or anxiety than are living their lives with confidence, peace and calm. Being the eye in the storm means you live your life in peace and calm.

Stay in Your Heart to be in Peace

stay in your heartThe key is to stay in your heart. This is a common exhortation. Stay in your heart.

Do that now. Move into your heart. Place your hand on the center of your chest and focus on the space under your hand. This is your heart center. Notice how you feel while you’re focusing on your heart.

Scientists are doing research on the effect staying in your heart has on your body. This simple process positively affects your brain bringing calm and relaxation. Practice staying in your heart so you can easily move there during times of chaos. When you stay in your heart during times of trouble you’ll be calmer, able to think more clearly and make better decisions.

Not only will you be calmer, you’ll assist others in remaining calm. This prevents fear from spreading. Learning to stay in your heart is a powerful service to everyone around you. When you remain calm you’ll be a leader rather than a follower.

Stay in Your Heart and Be Your Own Person

Be different

A leader doesn’t have to be someone who stands out in front of everyone. To be a leader you simply need to follow your heart and not follow the crowd. When people are in fear, stay in your heart and be calm and peaceful. Show people there is another way of living life.

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