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Creation of Form, ElohimExciting New Information Coming to You

The spiritual journey is full of surprises. I’m sure you’ve noticed that yourself. I’ve been taken to a new path on my journey. It has to do with getting information from Spirit out into the world.

The end of last year I received a reading from a friend who was using me as one of her training examples. There was an unexpected twist which turned out to be life changing.

I could sense behind her a number of beings working with her. There was one whose energy pulled at me. I just had to know who he was.

“I am the Golden Elohim. We want you to channel a book for us on the Creation of Form.” (The Golden Elohim turned out to be a group energy with no gender. They just feel male to me.)

I immediately said “yes,” which, in itself, is a sign of growth for me. You probably don’t know that I’m a reluctant channel, or I had been. Well, that’s not quite right. I like the channeling. What I don’t like is when I’m asked to work hard. I’m sure that’s never happened to you. <grin>

Amma, who knows me sooooo well, has had to ask me to do “little” tasks and, when I’m comfortable with the easy, she says, “Now I want you to….”

Example… At the beginning of my studies for marketing, I was learning about short email courses. She told me, “I’d like to give you the information for a 7-day email course.”

That sounded easy and I said, “Sure.” She gave and I wrote. It was easy.

After I finished the 7 days, she said, “Let’s make it a 30 day course.”

I was a little surprised but, because I was already “in the flow” I spent about a week bringing in the rest of the information. I was proud of myself for this accomplishment.

That wasn’t the end. Amma then said, “I want you to make this a year-long course.”

The ever-obedient child, I exclaimed in horror, “365 days!”

“No, 366!”

Amma is such a character. She works well with me, also a character. I think we’re related! Well, she is my mother. Yours, too!

The Creation of Form

Back to The Creation of Form… I know myself well when asked to undergo a huge project. I knew I had to develop a structure or I’d never complete it. I was inspired to charge people to be parttrust of this channeling experience so I had to deliver. I would have a responsibility to those who were paying me.

People signed up and we met most Mondays and Wednesdays for more than a year. During that time I did bring in the information for a rather large book called The Creation of Form. (It’s almost ready for publication.)

But… or should I say “and”… at the end of the book, The Golden Elohim introduced me to Amma’s Healing Friends. I was somewhat surprised because I was already aware them through my relationship with Amma the Divine Mother. They invited me to bring in An Encyclopedia of Healing.

Sooooo, my channeling continued. The first book they gave was on the healing of birth issues. The second presents the structure of the aura. The third and fourth books, which are now in the hands of the publisher, are both on the chakras. The first is the structure of the chakras and the second is on each individual chakra.

All of the books contain healing exercises. In fact, each book is filled with healing experiences. These are not just books of information, they are books of healing. You can use these books for your own personal healing. How cool is that!

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