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Mother\'s Love

I want to share with you some of Amma’s past messages with some of my reflections as commentary. This is an excerpt from April 2011.

Dear Ones, I Am Amma the Divine Mother of the divine mothers. I Am your mother. Before your soul began its journey I held you in my womb of Love. Even as you have traveled these hundreds (some of you thousands) of lifetimes, I have surrounded you with my Love.

When I first began channeling Amma, the feminine aspect of God, she would always begin with the first two sentences above. The word “mother” is a precious word for many people. There are others where the word “mother” brings up sadness. Amma is declaring that she is “mother” in the fullness of one who loves unconditionally. She is also one who protects. She uses the image of holding you and me in her womb.

The image of being held in Amma’s womb brings to mind images of a pregnant woman with a loving expression on her face and hands resting gently on her swollen belly. There is love. There is wonder. There is expectancy. That is the love which surrounds you every instant of every second of your life. May you come to know, feel and be confident in that love.

I Will Never Forget You

A mother’s love wraps around you, is always with you. Even if your biological mother in this lifetime did not wrap you in her love, I have always wrapped you in my Love.

Amma’s words remind of one of my favorite passages from Isaiah (49:15) “Even if these (mothers) forget I will never forget you. I have you inscribed upon the palms of my hand.”  Amma is emphasizing the love she has for you, a love which never dies and never changes. It’s difficult for  humans to rest in the Truth of that love. So much happens to you in your life which have little to do with love that it’s difficult to know to the very depths of yourself how loved you are.

You Chose your planRemember that whatever has happened in your life has been according to the plan you set before you entered the body you now have. You decided what you would experience, and now you have done so.

Amma is now beginning to lay the ground work for the topic of this message. She is going to show you how to heal relationship wounds using the Heart Source. She wants you to know that what has happened in life has been according to the plan you set before you entered your body. This is a difficult teaching for many.

Is Pain a Pre-planned Choice?

Why would you choose to experience such difficult and painful events in life? Think of the worse that can happen: death of a child, rape, abuse, war, betrayal. No normal, emotionally healthy person would choose such pain.

There are those who believe the pain which happens in life is due to karma, a balancing of the positive and negative throughout lifetimes. If you abused people in one lifetime you were abused in another.

ChoiceThat is not my belief. I believe we choose to experience various aspects of love from lifetime to lifetime. In one lifetime we choose to experience not being able to connect with the sacredness of someone and become the abuser. In another lifetime we choose to experience not having received love and protection and are abused. We choose experiences which give us both sides of an experience. It’s not that we are “punished” by karma. We choose to balance our experiences.

In life we experience a balancing of actions. I look at these as natural consequences of actions. If you are angry and negative, it is a natural consequence that people will not want to be around you. You may have power and money, but treating people with disdain will not engender a loving relationship. Money and power may bring about companionship having little if anything to do with love.

That is why there is no room for complaining. Why complain because you and all those playing this human game with you are doing exactly what you planned? You need to congratulate yourself and them. Being in a place of total appreciation for how you and all those with you have so perfectly played their roles, releases the energy you may judge as negative which is low vibration energy.

Amma is emphasizing that you have no reason to complain about what happens because you are experiencing what you chose. Since you made the choice before you incarnated, be detached and observe what is happening. Observe what the human you, the one who has forgotten your infinite nature, “learns” from the experience. On a human level you are learning. On the level of your Soul Self, the being you truly are, you are experiencing. There is nothing to learn.

It is similar to deciding to play a role in a play or movie. You’ve read the script, selected the role you will play as well as the roles everyone else will play. Then you say “Action.” Everyone plays their role magnificently and you forget, they forget, you are just playing a role. No matter what pain someone brings to you, that someone is still Love Incarnate. All of you have played your part so magnificently you have forgotten your infinite nature, you have forgotten you knew what was going to happen all along.

When that scene is over, celebrate it. When this life is love you will celebrate it. Now, before you finish this life, when you stay in the moment, you have declared the scene over and you may now progress with the rest of your life without allowing the finished scene to interfere with the rest of your life. 

I’ll continue this message and my thoughts on this next post. — Dr. Cathy

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