Did You Know You Are Love Incarnate?

You Are Love Incarnate!

sunsetAs I came to know Amma through my channeled messages from her, I was introduced to the concept of being Love Incarnate. She would say, and still says, “You are Love Incarnate! Everyone is Love Incarnate!”

What does that mean? It’s very simple, actually.

It stems from being created from one essence, that essence being Love. When I was studying theology at the Notre Dame, I had this amazing professor who taught the “God” Course. As part of one of my answers on a quiz, I had said, “God is Love.” She added, “Itself.” God is Love Itself.

Made from the Essence of God

Since Love was the only material God had to create from, we were created from Love. That makes us Love Incarnate.

After Amma told us this she gave us a little exercise. I invite you to try it.

Go into your heart. Do this by simply focusing on your heart. Notice how you feel emotionally, mentally and physically. You don’t need to take a long inventory. Just notice how you feel.

Now say out loud, even if you mutter it to yourself, “I am Love Incarnate.” Say it several times. “I am Love Incarnate. I am Love Incarnate.”

Do you notice anything different in your body? The first time I did this I had an experience I can only describe as my cells waking up and listening to me. I could feel myself awakening in a way I hadn’t experienced before.

Then Amma had us bring to mind someone we were having a difficult time with. You do that now, also. Now imagine standing in front of them and saying, “You are Love Incarnate.”

Now say, “I am Love Incarnate. You are Love Incarnate.” Keep saying it and notice any differences. You may not experience anything. I certainly do. I’m also reminded that, as much as I may disagree with or have been hurt by someone, we were both made from the same substance. That substance is Love.


The last exhortation is, “Be the Love that you are.” Be the Love I was created from. Be Love. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “What would Jesus do?” Ask yourself, “What would love do?” How can I, how can you, live the Love you are?

Focus on your heart and ask that question, “How can I put into action the Love I was created from?” “How can I be Love?”

Listen to the still voice within you. Jot down the answer and consider how you’ll follow what your inner self is telling you.

5 thoughts on “Did You Know You Are Love Incarnate?”

  1. It’s amazing isn’t it. Try saying “You are Love Incarnate” when thinking about someone you’re having an issue with.

  2. Wow! What a powerful message! I followed through the exercises and loved the outcome. This is definitely an exercise that I will have to practice often. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Thank you for this wonderful post. I never really understood what the “incarnate” part means, I never thought to ask, investigate, or question. Hmmm. And saying “you are love incarnate.” Ahh, nice!

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