Healing is Yours with Your Very Own Healing Team

star-997356_1920Have you ever been driving along, minding your own business, when some memory comes out of nowhere and spoils your mood?

That has happened to me numerous times. The memory could be triggered by a song or one of the books I listen to while on one of my cross country trips.

During my latest trip of more than 6,000 miles I listened to several audio-books. Two of them surfaced a number of feelings which were, shall we say, unpleasant. It wasn’t long ago that I didn’t know what to do with those feelings other than be puzzled, frustrated and angry, sad or whatever feeling came up.

Now I call on my healing team named Delight. My team consists of Encodement Technicians, Soul Healing Angels and Amma’s Healing Friends.

I then ask them to use an Encodement Plug-in to bring healing to the root cause of whatever uncomfortable feelings I’m having.

I also call upon them when I am having physical pain.

As you may know, my doctorate is in Mind-Body Psychology. The philosophy of this field is that the physical is connected to how you are doing emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Let me give you a graphic (not as in bloody).

I worked with someone who had problems with her legs which involved swelling and pain. We did some hypnotherapy work and the pain went away. The swelling is still there but the pain is gone. What we did was remove the emotional cause of the pain. She told me she can handle the swelling now that the pain has disappeared.

When you ask your healing team to work with you the root causes of the pain, they will go in and heal that emotional, mental or spiritual cause of the problem.

You can also use call upon your team to bring healing to the causes of behavior patterns… or cravings… or procrastination or…

Our next Group Encodement Intensive is about bringing together your healing team, discovering their name and then doing the necessary Encodement work to be able to work with them and listen to them.

If you would like to discover and work with your healing team (and who wouldn’t!) click on the link below to sign up for the Group Encodement Intensive live or to get the downloads which will give you a real-time experience except for not being able to make comments or ask questions.

This is the link below. smiley-163510_1280

Your investment in this Encodement Intensive is $47. You will receive the audio recordings, handouts and transcripts… and healing each time you call upon them.

What is hurting in your body right now? What if you could call upon your personal healing team and receive healing? Now you can.


Group Encodement Intensive to Meet and Work with Your Healing Team.

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