Goal Setting: Your Morning Message

If you were to look outside right now, at 6:45 in the morning, you would think it was the dead of night. By looking a little deeper into the night sky you would discover there is a hint of light coming over the mountains. This little hint of light is the dawn getting ready to come into the world for another day.

When I awakened this morning it was so dark I thought it was the middle of the night. I could feel the quiet whispers within my heart telling me to look out the window a little further into the sky. That is when I saw that the dawn was beginning to break and it was only dark because it was the middle of winter.

There were other whispers in my heart as I began to greet the day. One of these was a smile I could feel coming from Amma whom I’m connected to so closely. The message was clear, “You are loved. You are valuable. All is perfect.”

I also had brief images of what would be good for me to do this day. One was an affirmation of a book I have been reading, “The Grain Brain”. This was a behest to continue the dietary changes I had begun several months ago. I must admit that I have been feeling better since these changes, clearer and calmer, my mind being quieter. I’m getting to where I don’t miss what had been some of my favorite foods.

Another was a scene of me exercising. You have to realize that exercise is one of my least favorite activities, but I feel and inner urging to move my body more. What I “saw” was me in the exercise room here at the place I live. I know I could also go out walking, either taking the dogs or walking alone in the Red Rocks.

The next thing I “see” is me continuing the writing I have begun. I have several projects going at the same time. One is writing material for others like myself who want to do the healing necessary to be at their best and healthiest weight. The other is my first attempt at fiction, a series of suspense novels. The third is the spiritual writing that I am doing now.

There are other little whispers within me. They are peaceful, supportive and totally accepting of who I am and what I am doing. They are also an answer to the goals I have for myself this year.

I may have books and articles published, have given workshops in the United States, Europe and Japan, work with clients in the same continents as I’ve given workshops, but I am no different than anyone else upon this planet.

Yes, I have done things that some people marvel at, but I am still no different than you.

You also can hear the whispers that come when you awaken in the morning if you only choose to listen. You too can write and publish if only you set your plan and follow it until you are complete… And then begin again. You too can reach your goals if you make that choice to follow only those impulses which move you towards that which you desire.

True, you have different gifts and talents. You will need assistance in different ways than I have. No matter what it is you set as a goal in your life it takes the same determination and perseverance that every person has to reach inside of themselves to activate.

The choice is yours.

Once you make that choice you will find there are things which get in your way. This is where you do one of three things:

  • You see yourself completing that goal. You feel the feelings of your success.
  • You ask yourself if the action you are considering will move you toward your goal or away from it.
  • You make a new decision to achieve your goal.
  • You reach inside and activate determination and persistence
  • You implement the healing tools you know to remove any fears you have about achieving your goal.

Your dreams are supported by those beyond the veil who love you. Sometimes it is difficult to believe you have support. Know that this is an area of healing for you to work on.

Be blessed — Cathy

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