Reflections from Amma

I invite you to join me as I begin to post comments and reflections stemming from my relationship with Amma. I’m doing this for several reasons:

  1. With my internet issues I miss all of you. So this is a way for me to connect.
  2. This will be a wonderful way for us to interact. You will be able to add your own thoughts and experiences to what I write. Yes, I will be moderating these posts because of spammers. My intention is for more people to find these messages. Some folks who find them won’t be supportive about what we talk about and I don’t want that energy introduced.k I might let you know when there was a “troll” so we can all focus love upon him or her.
  3. I’ll write on topics so you just might read a book as it is in process!

I just threw this site up today and wrote this first post. Over time I’ll be fixing the site so it looks better and is easier to get around. I’m going to figure out how to do an RSS feed to you can receive the posts more easily if you wish.

To all you wonderful, delightful and amazing Love Incarnates… Welcome!

Hugs, Cathy

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