How many times to ask for healing?

How much healing work have you been doing in your life?

Perhaps you are just beginning your journey desperately waiting for relief from the pain that’s been plaguing you most of your life.

You may be one of the many of us who have been doing healing work all your life and wondering when it will ever end.

Why does it take so long?

Encodement Book

Today, I received a question from someone who had read my book Encodements: Your Smallest Energy Structures. They asked the question, an excellent question, and one you might wonder yourself. “How often do I have to ask the Encodement Technicians to heal any one Encodement?”

Your Encodement System

Your Encodement System is a complex array of Encodements interlinked together. You strengthen the structure by thoughts and actions in alignment with who you are as Love Incarnate. You damage or weaken the structure when you are out of alignment with who you are as Love Incarnate or when energies from others’ actions interfere with your Encodement Structure.

One event could damage your Encodement Structure in various ways. Rarely, is then event a simple matter. By that I mean a wounding event can affect you in a number of ways. Let’s take a car accident. If you are rear ended by someone, your car is damaged and you might be as well. It is not, however, just your physical body that is hurt. The shock of what happened can also affect your sense of security in a car. You thought you were safe and secure but the accident, and its effect upon you, proved to you you were not. This could result in you becoming fearful of automobile accidents.

auto accidentSimilar Events “Layer” on Each Other

Let’s say that you had several different automobile accidents, only one of which were serious. But, when you are three, you were riding in your little red cart which hit a bump and turned over. You were scared and got a bump on your head. When you are older, you were riding your bicycle, hit something in the road, and tumbled off. One or more of these episodes can activate a past life event in which you were killed in a carriage accident when the horses became frightened and ran away.

These different events are related in that you were in a moving object transporting you from one place to another, and object you felt secure in, and there was an accident which you were hurt. Each one of these events may have damaged your Encodement System pertaining to safety. When you work with your Healing Team on a fear for your safety when in a car, you may need to request that your Healing Team apply the Basic Plug-in to a number of events.

You do not have to know what these events are. For instance, the carriage accident in another lifetime may not be something you have a memory of. You may, however, be carrying the energy of that event in your Encodement System. A fear of lack of safety may come up within you pertaining to the carriage accident. You’re not tapped into the carriage accident, but you are tapped into the fear. You simply need to ask your Healing Team to use the Basic Plug-in to heal, balance, or repair the wound which is having you hold on to the fear. Keep making the request until you reduce the fear to a level you can easily manage or it is gone.

Healing Is in Layers

Healing in layersThe important thing to understand about healing work, no matter which modality use, is that healing usually occurs in layers. The longer you’ve lived the more layers there are. If you’ve only been rejected once in your life, chances are you will only need to request healing once. If, however, you’ve been rejected numerous times, as most of us have in one way or another, you may need to request healing for each event. For example, you may need to request healing for the time you were not selected for a team, a neighbor chose not to play with you, you didn’t get into the school you wanted, you lost your job, or the endings of relationships.

Each one of these events could have multiple repercussions. Let’s say you didn’t make the team you wanted in one of your parents really wanted you to be on that team. When you didn’t make the team, you disappointed yourself, you disappointed parent resulting in you feeling not good enough. In addition, you may have missed out on being one of the “cool kids.” Not making the team could of had negative repercussions on your social life. All of these would have affected your Encodement System in some way. You may have needed to do healing on the multiple ways that a particular event affected you.

The less complex the event as well as the fewer times that it happened, the less often you will need to repeat the request for healing. Use your own feelings as the marker as to how often you need to request healing. Repeat the request until you eliminate your negative feelings or reduce them to a that you can easily handle.

Do the Work when Your Emotions are Triggered

You don’t have to sit down and ask for healing for all of these things at one time. Simply ask for healing each time and emotion are memory comes up. Use those emotions or those memories as signs from your Healing Team that it’s time to do Encodement work.

You’re going to have numerous opportunities throughout the day to use to healing work. Even in the best of times life can be difficult. (I explore the the difficulties of life in the post Life is Difficult: A Deeper Perspective. Click on the title to read it.) The more often you do do healing work, the easier life can become.

A Healing Opportunity

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