Meditation: Becoming Stronger and More Centered

When you take the time to meditate every day you will find that you feel stronger within yourself. You are able to handle the cares of the day much more easily. You stay in your heart, are centered, more easily.

There is a tremendous amount of negativity going on in this world. There is also a great amount of good occurring. You know more about the negativity because that is what is in the news. For some reason humans have the tendency to be drawn into pain, suffering and the macabre.

To live a life surrounded by anger, hatred, abuse and other forms of violence, you have to learn to be quiet and peaceful within yourself. You have to release the violence that is within yourself so that the violence from outside does not affect you.

This is one of the things meditation can teach you to do. It doesn’t matter what type of meditation you engage in. You can sit quietly for 20 minutes focusing on your breath and emptying your mind of as many thoughts as possible. You can also take a walk in nature being mindful of everything surrounding you.

As you learn to control your thoughts and your emotions by going inward, you will also gain the skill of keeping an inner calm when chaos is swirling around you. This does not mean you become hardened and uncaring. When you are able to keep your emotional balance when others are angry, anxious or scared, you will assist in helping people be calmer.

When you are caught in low vibration emotions you are not able to see alternative ways of handling difficult situations. Instead of being able to deflect a difficult situation you make it worse by responding anger for anger, fear for fear. When you are able to stay focused on the energy within your heart, what we call centered, your consciousness expands. Your awareness of possibilities increases. You are able to see options which are not available to someone caught in the intensity of emotion.

The regular practice of meditation has had a paradoxical effect upon me. On one hand I am able to detach much more easily from disagreements and slights on a personal level. At the same time I am much more sensitive to the pain and sufferings of others, including animals.

As my heart has expanded, my awareness has increased. This has helped me to examine my own thoughts, words and actions which add pain to the world.I then have the power and the responsibility to make changes in my behavior, as well is in how I think and feel.

Life is so busy is difficult for people to take time out, even for 20 minutes, and go in word to discover the power and peace within. When you are able to do this, you were then able to make a positive change upon the world


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