Meeting and Working with the Bodysoul, Part 1

bdI had so much fun with the last set of blog posts based upon a message from Amma five years ago that I’m going to repeat the same process. I opened the file where I keep all my messages from Amma and saw this one from 2009. “Ah, an oldie but goodie” I thought. Much to my delight this is probably the first message from Amma about your Bodysoul.

If you have yet to meet and work with your Bodysoul, you’re in for a treat. If you’ve already been working with your Bodysoul, you’ll enjoy this message.

My comments are in italics. I give you my reflections of how I currently understand Amma’s message now that a number of years (almost six) have passed. We all grow and expand in our understanding of spiritual messages.

This message contains much more than information. Amma takes us through several exercises. Don’t just read. Take the time to follow her process and you will grow and expand and learn another way you can heal yourself.

Here we go!

Dear Ones, I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers. I am your mother. You were conceived within my infinite womb and birthed through me. As true as these words are, they are also symbolic.

If you are new to Amma’s work, She is the feminine aspect of God. Abba is the masculine aspect of hqdefaultGod. She often uses the feminine symbolism of us being conceived and developed in her womb and being birthed through her.

The symbol of “mother” and “father” is a powerful symbol for most of humanity. Those of you who are female and have given birth know the wonderful of having your child grow within your womb. Amma uses this symbol, this intimate connection of mother to child, to emphasize how important you are to her.

Of course, not everyone has positive feelings about their relationship with their mother. If that includes you, attempt as best you can to immerse yourself in what it would be like to be loved and protected in a womb of love.

Now, let’s talk about symbolism. Briefly, everything that happens in your life has at least two levels. The first is what you might call the “reality” of the facts as you see them. The second is the symbolic meaning. Symbolism takes you into an area beyond the facts. An example of this is the symbolism of the psychological concept of projection. In projection you project a feeling you have for someone onto them. That means you may be angry with your brother but you deny. Instead you say your bother is angry at you. There are numerous other examples of explaining “reality” symbolically, but that isn’t for this post. (I use “reality” because there really isn’t a “just the facts, ma’am” experience of what happens)

Everything in your life is symbolic. There is nothing real except your essence.

Even how others appear to you is not real. Your Soul Self, the one who guides you through this grand adventure of this lifetime of yours, determines how you will perceive others.

Your Soul Self is what others call Higher Self. When you, the persona, incarnated, you chose to forget everything about what your plans were for this lifetime. Your Soul Self knows all this. Your Soul Self is like the director and stage manager of your life. Your Soul Self ensures that what you want to experience in this lifetime actually happens.

Why is there contradictory information among those who witness the same event? What you experience is determined by your life plan. Your life plan is put into motion by your Encodement System. The beliefs you gather from the time you are in the womb until this present moment, also determine how you perceive events.

Let’s examine the effect that beliefs have upon how you perceive events.

You have all heard the principle that “All is One.” There is “head” knowledge of this principle and there is true heart knowledge.

mirrorIf you truly believe “All is One,” you believe every person is a part of yourself. You know that whatever feelings you have for another are feelings you have for yourself. You also are aware that what someone “does to you in your life is simply a mirror image of you.

If you do not truly believe “All is One,” you are separate from another. You do not “see” how another is a reflection of you. When you believe in separateness, it is easy to hold grudges, to have vengeance. It is easier to forget what love is.

When you know to the depths of yourself that “All is One,” you will heal more quickly, you will forgive more quickly. In fact, you will know there is no need for forgiveness. There is only need to let go. You love yourself and others because you know that others are aspects of yourself.

When you truly believe “All is One” life looks different. You see the refugees as yourself. You experience the grief of a bereaved person as yours. You recognize the anger of another mirrors the anger within you. Everyone and everything becomes a mirror for you a mirror of your love and a mirror for you hate. All that you see is somewhere there within you because that “other” person is not “other” but is you.

This applies to your relationship with your body, which is the topic of this message. You are bdygoing to meet your Bodysoul and learn to work with both your Heart Source and your physical and energy bodies.

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“See” you next week!


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