Meeting and Working with the Bodysoul, Part 4

214This post takes up where last week’s left off. If you missed the previous three posts just scroll down until you come to the one you missed.

You just completed an exercise which taught you three things. The first was to work with your Bodysoul.

The second was to experience the whole of your Heart Source and the parts that make up the whole. The third was to learn how to repair the parts of the Heart Source which, of course, repairs the Heart Source as a whole.

Your Bodysoul knows exactly how the body, both physical and energy, is to work. S/he also knows how to make adjustments to enhance the functioning of your body.

Remember, your Bodysoul does what s/he believes you want. Her/his understanding about how you want your body to work comes from the beliefs you hold about Spirit, yourself, life and your body.

In working with your Bodysoul, you are able to clarify how you want your body to function. You will still need to adjust beliefs. If you do not, you give conflicting instructions to your Bodysoul.

In evaluating the parts of the Heart Source, you were able to experience the process of self-evaluation of each individual part and how strengthening it affected the whole Heart Source.

Right now, feel your Heart Source. Setting your intention to make your Heart Source stronger, allow your awareness to go to the weakest part of your Heart Source.

Reconnect with your Bodysoul.

Tell your Bodysoul what you would like from your Heart Source. Strength? Expansion? Something else?

Ask your Bodysoul if there is a particular belief inhibiting your Heart Source from being stronger.

Write down that belief.

Is this the belief you want to have? Write down the belief you would like to have instead.  You will work with this belief in a few moments.

You might have a belief such as I can’t hear my Bodysoul so I can’t strengthen my Heart Source.You’ll want to change that to  strengthen my Heart Source simply by following the process given.

Now, do what you feel led to do to strengthen your Heart Source.

Ask your Bodysoul to make any adjustments necessary so that your Heart Source will be as you would like to create it. The stronger your Heart Source, the better able you will be to gather information and to repair your bodies.

I want to give you a brief format for changing beliefs using Encodements.32

Encodements are the basic elements of your energy field. You will work with the Encodement Technicians to assist you in this process.

If you are unfamiliar with Encodements I have prepared a special report giving you the basic information. You may obtain it by going to this link.

Go to the belief your Bodysoul said is inhibiting the strength of your Heart Source. (You may ask for similar beliefs pertaining to any part of your physical body or any part of your life.)

You also wrote down the belief you would prefer to have within you.

Are you ready to change these beliefs?

From your Heart Source, ask to speak with the Encodement Technicians.

There are usually three technicians and sometimes more. You may also have Encodement Facilitators, Engineers, Teachers, Masters, as well as the Encodement Formulator.

You do not need to be aware of any of these beings. They will be there simply because you ask them.

Let’s begin with the belief you no longer wish to have within you.

  1. Ask what would be the consequences of your removing this belief.
  2. Are you willing to accept these consequences?
  3. If yes, ask that all artificial Encodements holding in this belief be removed.
  4. Ask that all damaged and altered natural Encodements holding in this belief be repaired.
  5. Ask that all natural Encodements holding in this belief be deactivated or removed.
  6. Ask what would be the consequences of your new belief.
  7. Are you willing to accept these consequences?
  8. Ask that all artificial Encodements preventing the full activation of your new belief be removed.
  9. Ask that all damaged and altered natural Encodements interfering with this new belief be repaired.

Now, you will work with the new belief you wish to have.

  1. Ask if there are any natural Encodements which you agreed to bring into this lifetime that interfere with your new belief.
  2. If there are, ask if the purpose of these Encodements is complete.
  3. If the purpose is not complete, ask if their purpose has been fulfilled.
  4. If “no,” ask if the purpose is still needed.
  5. If the purpose is still needed, ask what you must do to fulfill the purpose. Do that action.
  6. If the purpose is complete or no longer needed, ask that the Encodements be deactivated or removed.
  7. Ask if there are Encodements for your new belief that are present but not yet activated.
  8. If “yes,” ask for those Encodements to be activated.
  9. If “no,” ask the Encodement Technicians to place within you the Encodement structure for your desired belief.

Although they expect no thanks, it is expansive for you to offer appreciation to them in some way.

A few comments about this process:

  • You do not need to do it all at once.
  • Once you begin working with this process, you will find it easier and faster than the first time.
  • There may be consequences to new beliefs that were totally unexpected. You can “undo” the beliefs using the same process. My recommendation is that you give yourself a couple of weeks to adjust to the new energy.

Dear Ones, you can use this process to change beliefs on any area of your life. Use your imagination. You can also, from your Heart Source, ask your Bodysoul or your Soul Self to identify a limiting belief that is making life difficult.

41My blessings to each one of you. Remember, you are Love Incarnate!

I am Amma the Divine Mother.

I hope you enjoyed this 4-part series of this oldie but goodie message. If you just read the message but didn’t do the exercises, please schedule some time for you to do the exercises. They are powerful tools and will assist in your expansion.

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