Meeting and Working with the Bodysoul, Part 1

bdI had so much fun with the last set of blog posts based upon a message from Amma five years ago that I’m going to repeat the same process. I opened the file where I keep all my messages from Amma and saw this one from 2009. “Ah, an oldie but goodie” I thought. Much to my delight this is probably the first message from Amma about your Bodysoul.[Read More ...]

A Process to Heal Relationships

Healing Relationships: Part 4

Cathy: This is Part 4 of a message Amma gave us back in April 2011. If you haven’t read the other blog posts, scroll down. They are in order of the most recently published which makes them in reverse order of the message. That means Part 3 is under this one and then Part 2 under that and so on for Part 1.[Read More ...]

The Synergy of Love

Synergy of LoveCathy: I want to discuss what I’m calling the synergy of Love in this particular post. This is Part 3 of the explanation of a message Amma gave on healing relationships. This message was given April 27, 2011, almost 5 years ago. The final blog post from this message will be rather long as she takes us through the process of healing a relationship by removing the energies from each chakra.[Read More ...]

The Body-Mind Connection

This is a continuation of the blog post just before this. If you haven’t read it yet, you might want to at least skim it. I’m taking a past message from Amma and giving you my own reflections about what she says.

I want to tell you a secret about low vibration energy. I say this with a smile and a wink because it is not really a secret.… [Read More ...]

Choosing the Life You Lead

Mother\'s Love

I want to share with you some of Amma’s past messages with some of my reflections as commentary. This is an excerpt from April 2011.

Dear Ones, I Am Amma the Divine Mother of the divine mothers. I Am your mother. Before your soul began its journey I held you in my womb of Love. Even as you have traveled these hundreds (some of you thousands) of lifetimes, I have surrounded you with my Love.… [Read More ...]

Unconditional Love Presents Its Problems

The problem with Unconditional LoveAs an individual on a spiritual journey, I “know” up there in my little noggin that life is all about Love. No, not about the sappy love in romantic happily ever after movies. Life is about the Love you struggle with in the trenches; the love which makes you doubt you can ever truly be a person of love. Unconditional Love.… [Read More ...]

Gratitude Helps You Access Your Power

Amma Talks about the Power of Gratitude and How Gratitude Affects the World

The other day I was sitting here looLive in Gratitudeking at the Red Rocks of Sedona filled with gratitude and thinking how blessed I am to be here.

Due to a collection of circumstances, I was not with anyone from my family for Thanksgiving… except for Frick and Frack.… [Read More ...]

Paris: Healing from Terrorism

paris-902996_640Below is a 30 minute message and Spiritual Lovefare session guided by Amma. The purpose was in response to the terror in Paris, but is something we can use every day.

Blessings to all who live upon this earth. May those filled with hatred and anger be healed by the Love from which they are made.


 … [Read More ...]

Healing is Yours with Your Very Own Healing Team

star-997356_1920Have you ever been driving along, minding your own business, when some memory comes out of nowhere and spoils your mood?

That has happened to me numerous times. The memory could be triggered by a song or one of the books I listen to while on one of my cross country trips.

During my latest trip of more than 6,000 miles I listened to several audio-books.… [Read More ...]

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