The Spiritual Seekers Guide to Raising Your Vibration

Are you ready to know the 3 simple steps people new to Amma’s work need to know?

If you’re a Spiritual Seeker who wants to handle the stress of life with greater ease. then this information is for you. It will give you tips on how to raise your vibration with greater ease.

I’m not sure how new you are to the work of Amma the Divine Mother as channeled through me, but I’d like to share with you three steps as taught by Amma to assist you in moving to a higher vibration.… [Read More ...]

Remembering Gratitude and Appreciation

wormhole-155328_1280Have you ever become caught in the cycle of “everybody hates me, nobody loves me, I’m going to eat some worms.” Did you used to sing this song when you were a kid? We did in the 60s. “Fat ones, skinny ones, juicy, juicy, juicy ones. I’m going to eat some worms.”

I’m doubt I could sing it for you on-key since that’s not one of my skills.… [Read More ...]

The Power of Focusing on Your Body

Over the years I’ve learned the power of ease of focusing on different parts of your body. In this video I talk about focusing on your heart, give a brief demonstration and then share what can happen to you simply by focusing on your heart every day.


Focusing on your heart is not just a airy-fairy concept. Research has been done and is on-going about what happens to you mentally, emotionally and physically when you focus on your heart.… [Read More ...]

Three Barriers to Spiritual Growth and The Impossible Dream

windmill-327734_1280I’m listening to my “Uplifting” playlist.

The first song is To Dream the Impossible Dream from The Man of La Mancha.

I love this song because it reminds me how I want to strive to be the best I can be and help others do the same.

Have you seen The Man of La Mancha?

There is much in there for spiritual seekers as well as people who strive to bring justice to others.… [Read More ...]

Invitation to the Golden Mean Expansion Team

Before you watch the video below, I’d like to share some personal things with you about the process of offering this opportunity.

We all struggle with our own “issues.” In the first video I listed several ways you can tell you’ve come to a wound needing healing.

I certainly did in this process as I unconsciously attempted to sabotage the offering of this powerful opportunity to you.… [Read More ...]

Let’s Talk Encodement Intensives

Below is the video on the Group Encodement Intensives. It is only about 5-6 minutes and I may have left out some important information. I have a few additional comments below the video.


If you don’t know about Encodements, please go to Amma’s site ( and read about them. You may also sign up for the report I wrote explaining them more fully than I did in this video.… [Read More ...]

How to “Free the Real Me”

This is the last tool I want to introduce you to for the Golden Mean Expansion Team.

It incorporates the powerful tool of Group Distance Healing.

I have people who have participated in this group for years.

What they like about it is they don’t have to make room in their schedule for the healing sessions. Then they spend a couple of minutes a day working with the Soul Healing Prayer.… [Read More ...]

Do you know how powerful the email course is?

This next video is about the email course and what Amma would like me to do with it.

Few people make it all the way through the course.

It’s 366 days worth of lessons and, yep, I know, that’s a lot.

That’s why Amma “tricked” me into writing it.

Here’s the story if you haven’t heard it.

She said, “I’d like you to put together a 7 day teaching experience people can use to learn about my work.”… [Read More ...]

Amma’s Wants to Do More to Raise the Vibration of the Planet

Ever since I’ve been channeling Amma’s information and sharing it, I’ve received deep healing. Every time I work with someone for healing, Amma also heals me. That’s why I know how powerful her healing tools are.

She has brought me a long way from someone mired in victim consciousness to someone willing to share what she offers to as many people as possible.That’s… [Read More ...]

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