The Power and Delight Working with Animals

These are my little guys on their first birthday. My friend who cares for them when I’m traveling bought them a hat and had a birthday celebration for them. They’ll be four in October.

Frick and Frack open my heart to a different way of being. They are pure unconditional love. There are times they aren’t happy with me, as in when I don’t give them the treat they want or need them to let me do my work.… [Read More ...]

Meditation: Becoming Stronger and More Centered

When you take the time to meditate every day you will find that you feel stronger within yourself. You are able to handle the cares of the day much more easily. You stay in your heart, are centered, more easily.

There is a tremendous amount of negativity going on in this world. There is also a great amount of good occurring.… [Read More ...]

An Unexpected Benefit of Meditation

There are a group of scientists who have studied meditation in depth. They have acquired data on how meditation reduces anxiety and depression, lowers your heart rate, quiets your mind, brings the electrical impulses of the heart and brain into sync, and strengthens your immune system. These are just a few things they have discovered through data by hooking the meditator up to various high-tech machines as well as doing chemical analysis of the blood.… [Read More ...]

Self Esteem: Your Self-Image Depends Upon Who You Believe You Are

Let’s try an experiment to test out how you feel about yourself. Assume you are standing in front of someone you want to love you very much. I’m not talking about sexual love. I’m talking about someone accepting you totally and completely for who you are no matter what you’ve done in life, or even what you have not done. This individual determines your ultimate fate.… [Read More ...]

Mindfullness: Making Each Day New

Every morning when you awaken you have a choice before you. You may allow your mind to continue sleeping with no awareness of what is happening at this very moment. You also have the opportunity to consciously awaken your inner self to the opportunities of this new day.

If you arise early enough and turn to the East you can watch the light began to break through the darkness of the night.… [Read More ...]

Make Friends with Death if You Want to Truly Live

Your body has a built-in drive for survival. This is why you have fears. Fears are to keep you safe, to keep your body alive, to keep you out of danger. It is said you are born with two natural fears, the fear of falling in the fear of loud noises. Both of them are meant to keep you alive.

As you grow and develop other fears come into your life.… [Read More ...]

Thoughts and the Human Energy Field

Every thought you entertain has an effect on every part of your body. I should say, “has an effect on all your bodies.” You are more than a physical body. You also have mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic ones. they enter penetrate each other. You cannot have something affect one and not the other.

When you hold a negative or low vibration thought in your mind, there is an immediate effect upon the hormones and neuro-chemicals your body creates.… [Read More ...]

How Can You Discover Your Life Path?

People involved in spirituality want to be sure they are doing God’s will. They want to be on their life path. One of the biggest questions people have is, “How do I know I’m on my life path and how can I get back on it if I’m not?”

Rest assured you are right where you need to be. You might want to make some adjustments if you’re not happy where you are.… [Read More ...]

Successful Goal Setting: Your Mindset

If you want to be successful with the goals you set, whether they are daily, weekly or yearly goals, there are things you need to do within yourself to make it possible to achieve them.

Believe in Yourself

There are those who make excuses for lack of achievement because they don’t have anyone who truly believes in them. Yes, it helps tremendously to have people by your side cheering you on an telling you “You can do it.”… [Read More ...]

Goal Setting: How to Access Determination and Perseverance

I know you’ve heard of the necessity of determination and perseverance if you want to achieve your goals. You may begun your movement towards what you want with great determination, but it wavered after the second or third roadblock to success appeared. How do you tap into determination and perseverance? How do you even know you have it?

Let’s answer the second question first.… [Read More ...]

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