Successful Goal Setting: Your Mindset

If you want to be successful with the goals you set, whether they are daily, weekly or yearly goals, there are things you need to do within yourself to make it possible to achieve them.

Believe in Yourself

There are those who make excuses for lack of achievement because they don’t have anyone who truly believes in them. Yes, it helps tremendously to have people by your side cheering you on an telling you “You can do it.”

The truth is only one person needs to believe in you, and that is you. You have within you the potential to achieve anything you want. You have to access that potential and drive within you. You have to continually tell yourself that you are competent and capable. You must remind yourself every day that you can learn the skills and gain the knowledge necessary for your success.

When you depend upon others to bolster you up you are giving your power away. Your power is within you. Use it.

Hold Your Goal in Mind Often

When you’re excited about an upcoming event don’t you think about it often? Don’t you “see it” in your mind’s eye many times throughout the day before you finally arrive there? Your excitement and anticipating in your mental image propels you forward to your appointed time.

Do the same for what you wish to achieve. Several times a day “see it” in your mind’s eye. Notice the people around you congratulating you upon your success. Get in touch with those feelings you’ll have when you have accomplished the end result. Every time a doubt weasels its way into your consciousness you bring forth the experience of success.

Evaluate Your Progress Daily

Know where you are on your timeline to success. At the beginning of each day note what you need to do to move yourself closer. This is the time of course correction. If you notice you’ve wandered off the path a bit, bring yourself back. If you do this every day you will easily keep track of your progress.

Surround Yourself with Positive Energy

There’s nothing more difficult when driving down a dirt road than having it muddy. The same is true for success. When the people surrounding you are naysayers, it’s difficult to stay in a positive mindset. Find people who have similar success goals as you do. It doesn’t have to be in the same field, but it needs to be in the same energy of excitement, determination and achievement. These are the people you share your excitement with.

Be Careful Who You Tell Your Dreams

Your dreams are sacred. They come from deep within you.It is natural to want to share them with those you share your life with. Unfortunately, those same people are ones who may tell you your dreams are ridiculous with no possibility of fulfillment.

Do not share your dreams with those who will stomp on them. Share them with those who know what it is like to desire more than you have now and to achieve it. Once a loved one makes a negative comment about your goal, you know that is someone who does not deserve your sharing in this area. Let them know only about those parts of your life they can handle.

When you live and experience your future achievements, daily follow the path to get there and surround yourself with those who are supportive, you will achieve success.

Daily Encodement Work for Success

When you realize you have negativity seeping into your dreams, do some basic encodement work.

  1. Ask for the removal of all encodements of negativity which come from outside of yourself.
  2. Ask for the repair of all damaged and altered natural encodements which resulted from this invasion of other people’s negativity.
  3. Ask for the removal of all artificial encodements which attract negativity.
  4. Ask for the repair and healing of all damaged and altered natural encodements which attract negativity.
  5. Ask for the removal of all-natural encodement’s which attract negativity.

You are capable of achieving and deserving of your dreams.

Blessings to you — Amma The Divine Mother

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