Make Friends with Death if You Want to Truly Live

Your body has a built-in drive for survival. This is why you have fears. Fears are to keep you safe, to keep your body alive, to keep you out of danger. It is said you are born with two natural fears, the fear of falling in the fear of loud noises. Both of them are meant to keep you alive.

As you grow and develop other fears come into your life. These could be fears of public speaking, snakes, water, relationships and almost anything else. One of the big ones is fear of dying.

When people come to me with a life-threatening illness such as cancer they are often taken aback when my first advice to them is to make friends with death. Because I set my intention 20 years ago to only work with people on a spiritual path, the ones who walk into my office are very familiar with both spirituality and life after death. Yet, most are afraid of what will happen when their body is no longer living.

Although the following suggestions are aimed at those who are facing the immediacy of the end of their life, these are things everyone should resolve.

If you are to refuse to accept or be open to the end of your life, you will live in fear. You will do everything you can to run away from that fear. When you are running away from something you are not moving towards anything. Moving towards a goal sets you in a specific direction. If all you are doing is running away from something you can move in any of 360 degrees. When you are moving towards a goal, there is a specific way to get there.

When you are ill release your fear of what might happen. Focus only upon what you want to happen. Your subconscious mind responds to the thoughts and feelings you have. If you hold in your mind perfect health your subconscious mind will assist you in moving in that direction. If, however, the overriding emotion is one of terror, that which you are most afraid of this what your subconscious mind is focused on.

If you are truly a spiritual person there is nothing to fear about what happens when your body has finished its journey of supporting you in this life. You will simply step out of the physical and return to what I prefer to call “Home,” the place where it all began.

To make peace with death make a list of everything you’re afraid of when you think of it. Confront your feelings about the items on your list. Find a way to resolve your fears so  you can focus on what it is you truly want.

What I discovered over the years is there are three areas which concern people the most when they think about the end of life. The first is leaving family and friends. It is difficult to consider those you share the joys and sorrows of your day will no longer be with you. Yes, you know you will be in “a better place,” but those you love will be missing. The pain of losing them comes from the uncertainty of what happens when you no longer live upon this earth. Will I have contact with my loved ones? Will they remember me? Will I be able to help them?

The second area of concern involves things you feel are unfinished. This could be unresolved relationships, regrets about the lack of achievement in certain areas, a project you are working on you won’t be able to bring to completion. If the issue is unresolved relationships, you now have a kick in the pants to do something. You can only do your part. You have no control over what the other person thinks or feels. If you have regrets about any other area in your life, find someone to talk so you can let these go. If it’s an unfinished project, find someone to assist in bringing completion or find a way to let it go.

The third area isn’t about death. It is about the dying process. It’s the pain, the loss of dignity, and watching those who love you mourn you before you were gone. Have conversations with the important people in your life. Be sure everyone necessary knows your wishes and your desires.

Use both encodements and Soul Healing to assist you in removing any of your fears. you want to be fear less as you move forward in your life, even if moving forward means going back into infinity.