Mindfullness: Making Each Day New

Every morning when you awaken you have a choice before you. You may allow your mind to continue sleeping with no awareness of what is happening at this very moment. You also have the opportunity to consciously awaken your inner self to the opportunities of this new day.

If you arise early enough and turn to the East you can watch the light began to break through the darkness of the night. Dawn is not a cataclysmic awakening. It begins with a hint of change pushing through. If you stay to watch you will discover that the darkness  slowly dissolves and that which was hidden begins to reveal itself.

If your inner self is awake when this happens you will notice the quickening of the molecules of nature as they throw off their slumber. If you pay attention to what is happening within you, you will notice your own being vibrates to the possibilities of what this new day brings.

New choices await you. Yes, you will need to manage the aftermath from the day before, but you may now go in a new direction. The only thing preventing you is your own lack of willingness to awaken with the Dawn. You must come to realize that the routine of life many fall into is simply a retreat from accepting personal responsibility for living.

No matter how you came into this world, whether it was with love or abandonment, how you play out this life is totally up to you. To live fully with all the molecules of your being vibrating with joy, you simply need to wake up.

How do you do this? It is really rather simple. Begin with a full complete and languorous stretch. Tell your body you are ready to interface with the world in awareness. Notice everything in the room around you. Do you like it? Is it in the right place? Is there anything about it you wish to change? Look out your window or your door and asked the same questions.

What is your emotional response to what you have asked? Are you filled with excitement or dread? If with dread, what are you going to do about it? The decision is yours. There is nothing holding you back from beginning anew except your own resistance to change.

You may say, “I have responsibilities I must attend to.” Yes, that certainly may be true. You may be caring or providing for people who have no one else to care for them. These may be children, spouse or partner, the elderly or infirm. How do you feel about these responsibilities? Are you able to have your internal world fulfill these obligations with joy?

When you cannot change the external circumstances surrounding you, the only thing left is to alter what you have control of. You have control over how you think and what you feel. That is a power few people understand. Do you understand how your life will change if you marshal your internal power? The details of the circumstances of your life may not change, but your internal world will open you to the possibilities that only joy can provide.

When Dawn comes notice how the light penetrates the darkness and transforms it. Allow the Light within you penetrate you allowing you to break through someone else’s darkness.


How Can You Discover Your Life Path?

People involved in spirituality want to be sure they are doing God’s will. They want to be on their life path. One of the biggest questions people have is, “How do I know I’m on my life path and how can I get back on it if I’m not?”

Rest assured you are right where you need to be. You might want to make some adjustments if you’re not happy where you are. That may be exactly what you are to experience right now.

Think of it as if you were driving down a six lane highway. There are three lanes going one direction and three the other, with your addition of shoulders on either side. As you drive you decide which lane you’re most comfortable in. One will get you faster to your destination than another. You get to choose. If you want to slow down, you switch lanes. The same is true about going faster.

There are those times you make a choice to get off that superhighway and explore other realms. No matter where you go you can always get back into the flow of things.

The big question is, “What makes you happy?” I’m not talking about superficial happiness here. I’m talking about the deep inner peace and contentment you have in the way your life is going. If you feel energized, joyful and at peace with where you are, then you know you’re right where you want to be.

If you felt that way at one time, but don’t now, evaluate what changed to cause the difference. No matter what decision you made in the past you can make a new decision now.

If the disquiet you feel about how to live your life has been gradual then it’s possible you are growing in a new direction. This is when you evaluate whether or not what you’re doing is bringing you happiness now. What can you add to your life which will interject more vitality? The opportunities are endless.

Be fearless in choosing from the myriad of possibilities available. There will be some things you will have to eliminate because of where you are in your life. For instance, if you have young children you may have to delay certain desires.

If there is no other reason to not do something other than fear or “I’m too old,” then address your fears. Take a risk. Be bold.

If you find it difficult to break out of a particular mold then it is time to stretch yourself. Take one step towards a bold direction and increase your comfort level. Don’t allow others to discourage you if there is something you want to do that rises from deep within you. After all,perhaps you are supposed to learn how to be bold and decisive.

Release any fear that you might not be doing what you are supposed to be doing. Instead, searched deep within yourself for what produces happiness and fulfillment within you. Trust yourself and you will find the answer within you.

If you are still concerned that you are not following your life path, do the following encodement work.

Ask your encodement technicians to remove all artificial encodement’s contributing to you believing you could be living life wrong.

Then asked them to balance any damaged or altered natural encodement’s which are contributing to your disquiet.

Ask them to activate any natural encodements which will assist you in this area.

You are right for you belong. All you need to do is discover were on the road you are and whether or not you want to change lanes.

Successful Goal Setting: Your Mindset

If you want to be successful with the goals you set, whether they are daily, weekly or yearly goals, there are things you need to do within yourself to make it possible to achieve them.

Believe in Yourself

There are those who make excuses for lack of achievement because they don’t have anyone who truly believes in them. Yes, it helps tremendously to have people by your side cheering you on an telling you “You can do it.”

The truth is only one person needs to believe in you, and that is you. You have within you the potential to achieve anything you want. You have to access that potential and drive within you. You have to continually tell yourself that you are competent and capable. You must remind yourself every day that you can learn the skills and gain the knowledge necessary for your success.

When you depend upon others to bolster you up you are giving your power away. Your power is within you. Use it.

Hold Your Goal in Mind Often

When you’re excited about an upcoming event don’t you think about it often? Don’t you “see it” in your mind’s eye many times throughout the day before you finally arrive there? Your excitement and anticipating in your mental image propels you forward to your appointed time.

Do the same for what you wish to achieve. Several times a day “see it” in your mind’s eye. Notice the people around you congratulating you upon your success. Get in touch with those feelings you’ll have when you have accomplished the end result. Every time a doubt weasels its way into your consciousness you bring forth the experience of success.

Evaluate Your Progress Daily

Know where you are on your timeline to success. At the beginning of each day note what you need to do to move yourself closer. This is the time of course correction. If you notice you’ve wandered off the path a bit, bring yourself back. If you do this every day you will easily keep track of your progress.

Surround Yourself with Positive Energy

There’s nothing more difficult when driving down a dirt road than having it muddy. The same is true for success. When the people surrounding you are naysayers, it’s difficult to stay in a positive mindset. Find people who have similar success goals as you do. It doesn’t have to be in the same field, but it needs to be in the same energy of excitement, determination and achievement. These are the people you share your excitement with.

Be Careful Who You Tell Your Dreams

Your dreams are sacred. They come from deep within you.It is natural to want to share them with those you share your life with. Unfortunately, those same people are ones who may tell you your dreams are ridiculous with no possibility of fulfillment.

Do not share your dreams with those who will stomp on them. Share them with those who know what it is like to desire more than you have now and to achieve it. Once a loved one makes a negative comment about your goal, you know that is someone who does not deserve your sharing in this area. Let them know only about those parts of your life they can handle.

When you live and experience your future achievements, daily follow the path to get there and surround yourself with those who are supportive, you will achieve success.

Daily Encodement Work for Success

When you realize you have negativity seeping into your dreams, do some basic encodement work.

  1. Ask for the removal of all encodements of negativity which come from outside of yourself.
  2. Ask for the repair of all damaged and altered natural encodements which resulted from this invasion of other people’s negativity.
  3. Ask for the removal of all artificial encodements which attract negativity.
  4. Ask for the repair and healing of all damaged and altered natural encodements which attract negativity.
  5. Ask for the removal of all-natural encodement’s which attract negativity.

You are capable of achieving and deserving of your dreams.

Blessings to you — Amma The Divine Mother

Goal Setting: How to Access Determination and Perseverance

I know you’ve heard of the necessity of determination and perseverance if you want to achieve your goals. You may begun your movement towards what you want with great determination, but it wavered after the second or third roadblock to success appeared. How do you tap into determination and perseverance? How do you even know you have it?

Let’s answer the second question first. You know you have it because you have already accomplished things in your life. Perhaps these accomplishments haven’t been applauded by others around you, but they are still accomplishments. The ones you take for granted are your abilities to care for your basic needs. Others are the things you do for fun. This could be playing sports, video games or other activities you had to learn.

Now, let me show you an easy way to activate determination and perseverance. In order to achieve your dream you need to know why you want it. You might think that it is self-evident as to why you want a new job, new car or a relationship.It’s not. If you gathered 10 people into a room with the same goal you would discover many reasons as to the “why”.

Some people desire the accomplishment so they can feel good about themselves. Others want to prove something to parents, family, friends even teachers. For some there is the deep need for safety and security. Still others have an inner drive to have the resources to help others less fortunate than themselves.

It doesn’t matter what the reason you want to achieve a particular goal. It does matter that you know the real reason. Discovering the reason is a simple process of asking the same question repeatedly to each answer you receive.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say your goal is to have another source of income. To drill down into the real reason of why you want more income ask yourself the question, “Why do I want this?”

Your answer might be, “So I can get a new house.” Ask again,”Why do I want this?”

This time your answer might be, “I need space. Where I am now is too crowded.”

Your next response might be, “I want my family to be happy.”

You keep asking the same question until you don’t have a new answer. When that happens you have arrived at the real reason you want to achieve your goal.

Now that you know the real reason, you will be able to tap into the emotions which drive you. This is where you form an image of what life would be like when you have your new house. You would see your family all together enjoying themselves. You would be able to feel the feeling that you have knowing that you were able to provide this for them.

You are now reaching for more than a new source of income. You are moving toward that inner feeling you have associated with the real reason you want your goal. This is what you tap into when you hit those roadblocks which will come. You now know your true motivation and this will provide you the determination and perseverance you need to find the answer to move beyond your roadblocks.

Of course, Amma has some tools you can use to assist you at this point. This is where you use encodements to clear out any energetic blocks and strengthened the energy necessary to achieve your goal.

Once you get to the real “why” of why you set that goal you do a further evaluation. Is there any fear or anxiety connected to  achieving the goal? Do you have a tendency to be afraid that you won’t accomplish what you want to? Are there some consequences to achieving the goal which might make life more difficult for you?

The encodement process is straightforward. I’m going to give you a template based upon one example.

Let’s say you have difficulty keeping your eye on the goal and instead think about what would happen if you did not achieve the goal. Here are the steps:

  • Call in your encodement technicians
  • Ask them to remove any and all artificial encodements contributing to your fear
  • Ask them to repair any damaged and altered natural encodements contributing to your fear
  • Asked them to remove all the encodements of fear
  • Now insert a belief. Let’s make this belief, “I move forward quickly and easily to the accomplishment of my goals.”
  • Ask for the encodement technicians to assist
  • Ask them to use the plug-in to install new beliefs. They know exactly what that is even if you don’t.

Keep your eye on your goal. Stay in touch with the feeling that you will have when you accomplish your goal. Use that feeling to keep you motivated in the correct direction. Repeat encodement work as necessary.

Many many blessings to you–Cathy


Why Goals Aren’t Achieved: People Fail Because They Don’t Think They Can Succeed

I wanted to share these thoughts with you about goal setting. Before I get into the tools to use that Amma has given us, let me make a few comments.

When people engage in goal setting whether or not they succeed depends upon their underlying belief. Compared to the number of people who engage in setting a direction in their life few people actually achieve their goal.

Why is this?

I’m going to give you two different answers based upon two different perspectives of physics. I bet you didn’t expect this topic have anything to do with physics.

Isaac Newton’s first law of motion is: An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion unless something stronger intervenes and forces a change. (By the way, that is a slight paraphrase of the way Newton stated it.)

When you apply this to your behavior it means that when you are going in one direction you’re going to keep going there unless something stronger moves you in another direction. If you’re determined to make it to Denver the only thing that will keep you from getting there will be something you cannot overcome. This could be illness on your part, a severe accident, or Denver on complete lockdown due to weather or some other natural calamity.

When you have your mindset on reaching a particular goal, and there is nothing physical in they way of your accomplishment, what will stop you is your own inertia. When you say, “Yes, this is where I’m going now,” you have to exert an internal force greater than the way you were already moving. This internal force is your own drive and determination.

Now we come to the area of physics which is in physical. It is energetic and, therefore, more in the realm of quantum physics as well as the physiology of your brain.

Each time you perform a certain action, this could be physical movement, thought or feeling, your energy field responds as well as your brain. Your brain begins to form tracings within it that develop a path. when you get near that path your brain automatically assumes that’s the road you’re going to take and moves you along quickly without you having to think about it.

In addition, you form an energy field consisting of that particular pattern.

When you’re changing directions in your life you have to overcome the previous energy field you had created, the neuronet you formed for your past behaviors as well as the movement you had already established.

For most people, one of the patterns formed is lack of success. They’ve attempted certain goals and have fallen short. They create both an energy of not being able to accomplish what they set out to do as well as a belief that they won’t succeed.

In order to change this pattern you need to do the following:

  • push through that feeling which sabotages the persistence needed to achieve
  • be continually aware of the previous patterns of lack of success formed and consciously establish new ones
  • form a detailed image including sites, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings of your new vision for yourself
  • re-create this image several times a day
  • evaluate whether or not each action moves you towards or away from your vision

The reasons for lack of success can be complex. Do the necessary healing work needed to remove any blocks or non-supportive beliefs. Know that you have it within you to achieve what ever it is you are determined to do as long as you access that determination.

For healing, do the necessary encodement work. If you’re not familiar with encodemets  go to Amma’s web site and read the material there. Do this encodement work whenever you feel the blocks to success which includes wanting to give up.

You learned to walk, drive a car, write a bicycle or any other task you do by being persistent and determined. That persistence and determination is within you even if you haven’t used it in a while. Access it and move toward success.

The Spirituality of Setting Goals

When January 1 rolls around people feel that they can begin again. They set New Year’s resolutions hoping that, this year, they’ll be able to accomplish what they’ve always wanted to accomplish.

Before you set these goals, and possibly set yourself up for failure, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this something you really want to do or something others are telling you you should do?
  • Is this desire coming from deep within yourself or is it coming from a sense of guilt or shame?
  • When you think about this goal do you feel energized and excited or do you feel oppressed and heavy?

Every day you are presented with new choices for your life. These choices are only visible if you live your life consciously, aware of the many possibilities you have before you. Every step you take contains the option of movement in a 360° range. The possibilities are endless.

Not all the opportunities presented to you in your life are appropriate for you. Your job is to discern what  possibilities available are those that match the motivation deep within your heart.

On a spiritual level it does not matter if you lose weight. True, your weight can determine how you feel on a physical and emotional level. This, however, is not as important as how much you love and appreciate yourself. If your love and appreciation of yourself is based upon how you look then there is healing to be done.

Spiritually it doesn’t matter how much money you make. Finances can have a direct effect upon how you view yourself and your sense of security in this world. What matters on a spiritual level is the gratitude you experience and have for wherever you are in your financial life. If you cannot experience gratitude for where you are now, no matter what your financial situation, then there is healing to be done.

The quality of your relationships has more to do with spirituality than any other aspect of your life. Spirituality is based upon your experience of connectedness to the world around you, physical and nonphysical. When you feel disconnected you are not in the flow of love. This flow has nothing to do with whether or not you have a life partner. This flow has everything to do with the love you have for yourself.

With these brief comments in mind reevaluate what goals you wish to set for 2014. Choose the possibilities which rise from deep within you. If you feel burdened by your selection then you need to go deeper within and  eliminate that which is causing the heaviness.

The best resolution for you may be to engage in healing of what ever the source of the heaviness is. It doesn’t matter how you choose to do this or what method of healing you use. It only matters to do it. And it is significant only to you because you are held in the love of God no matter what your choice is.

Live your life in the freedom of Love. Discover what it truly is you wish to happen in this life of yours. When you are filled with joy and gratitude you will have found what is known as “The Pearl of Great Price.”

The possibilities are endless and you are the one who has the power to make them happen for you. No matter what it is you want there is assistance and guidance for you on both the spiritual and the physical level. You have to take advantage of it.

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