How Can You Discover Your Life Path?

People involved in spirituality want to be sure they are doing God’s will. They want to be on their life path. One of the biggest questions people have is, “How do I know I’m on my life path and how can I get back on it if I’m not?”

Rest assured you are right where you need to be. You might want to make some adjustments if you’re not happy where you are. That may be exactly what you are to experience right now.

Think of it as if you were driving down a six lane highway. There are three lanes going one direction and three the other, with your addition of shoulders on either side. As you drive you decide which lane you’re most comfortable in. One will get you faster to your destination than another. You get to choose. If you want to slow down, you switch lanes. The same is true about going faster.

There are those times you make a choice to get off that superhighway and explore other realms. No matter where you go you can always get back into the flow of things.

The big question is, “What makes you happy?” I’m not talking about superficial happiness here. I’m talking about the deep inner peace and contentment you have in the way your life is going. If you feel energized, joyful and at peace with where you are, then you know you’re right where you want to be.

If you felt that way at one time, but don’t now, evaluate what changed to cause the difference. No matter what decision you made in the past you can make a new decision now.

If the disquiet you feel about how to live your life has been gradual then it’s possible you are growing in a new direction. This is when you evaluate whether or not what you’re doing is bringing you happiness now. What can you add to your life which will interject more vitality? The opportunities are endless.

Be fearless in choosing from the myriad of possibilities available. There will be some things you will have to eliminate because of where you are in your life. For instance, if you have young children you may have to delay certain desires.

If there is no other reason to not do something other than fear or “I’m too old,” then address your fears. Take a risk. Be bold.

If you find it difficult to break out of a particular mold then it is time to stretch yourself. Take one step towards a bold direction and increase your comfort level. Don’t allow others to discourage you if there is something you want to do that rises from deep within you. After all,perhaps you are supposed to learn how to be bold and decisive.

Release any fear that you might not be doing what you are supposed to be doing. Instead, searched deep within yourself for what produces happiness and fulfillment within you. Trust yourself and you will find the answer within you.

If you are still concerned that you are not following your life path, do the following encodement work.

Ask your encodement technicians to remove all artificial encodement’s contributing to you believing you could be living life wrong.

Then asked them to balance any damaged or altered natural encodement’s which are contributing to your disquiet.

Ask them to activate any natural encodements which will assist you in this area.

You are right for you belong. All you need to do is discover were on the road you are and whether or not you want to change lanes.