An Unexpected Benefit of Meditation

There are a group of scientists who have studied meditation in depth. They have acquired data on how meditation reduces anxiety and depression, lowers your heart rate, quiets your mind, brings the electrical impulses of the heart and brain into sync, and strengthens your immune system. These are just a few things they have discovered through data by hooking the meditator up to various high-tech machines as well as doing chemical analysis of the blood.

I discovered another benefit which can’t be measured as far as I know. Perhaps it is only subjective, although I have heard people speak of it. Before I get to that benefit let me describe what I do when I move into this quiet place within myself.

My Quietening Process

I know of people who use the same process each time they move into this deepness within themselves. I vary what I do, but  I’m going to share what I currently do in preparation.

First, I aim for an approximate 20 minute session. For myself, I have found I do better in the morning when I first awakened. It sets the tone for my day. It may seem paradoxical, but it assists me in awakening from my night slumber gently and easily. I feel I have unfolded from being the bud of a flower who was sleeping and opening so the full sun can shine upon me and energized me.

Of late, I have been selecting a piece of music which keeps me in a quiet place. Occasionally the music has words repeated in a chant. Most of the time the music is an instrumental which allows me to soar deep with in myself.

Since I’m usually in Sedona, I open the curtain so I can see the sun rising above the red rocks. A few minutes earlier I had gone outside so the dogs could do their morning emptying. During that time I looked upward to watch the stars sprinkling the ending night sky and fingers of light beginning to penetrate the indigo of the sky.

Of course, I need to feed the dogs before I sit down or there will be no time of quiet. Those of you with pets are very familiar with this.

I then establish my Heart Source by moving my consciousness into the front  and back of my heart center, the front and back of my brow center, connecting the two with a beam of energy in the center of my body, sending that beam of energy up to the  “Center of the Universe,” and down into the Center of the Earth. I then expand this energy structure which I have just constructed and breathe.

The breath is most important.I breathe gently in and out. Sometimes I say a word or phrase in cadence with my breath. You may use any word or phrase meaningful to you. Research has shown it doesn’t really matter as long as it gives you a focus point.

Other times I simply inhale, hold my breath, and then exhale. Sometimes I do this with a certain count, say four, for each step. I do this for approximately 20 minutes.

Now for the unexpected benefit.

The Expansion of Time

You wouldn’t think that “spending” time would increase it. These 20 to 30 minutes I spend in meditation seem to slow my entire day. I’m not talking about slowing it to boredom. I’m talking about being able to fit in the things I need to fit in comfortably and with peace. It’s a wonderful experience, this seemingly having more hours in the day.

If you don’t already meditate, and you feel rushed by the challenges of the day, I suggest getting up 30 minutes before everyone else to go deep within yourself and expand the perception of the number of hours you have for your busy life.