Mindfullness: Making Each Day New

Every morning when you awaken you have a choice before you. You may allow your mind to continue sleeping with no awareness of what is happening at this very moment. You also have the opportunity to consciously awaken your inner self to the opportunities of this new day.

If you arise early enough and turn to the East you can watch the light began to break through the darkness of the night. Dawn is not a cataclysmic awakening. It begins with a hint of change pushing through. If you stay to watch you will discover that the darkness  slowly dissolves and that which was hidden begins to reveal itself.

If your inner self is awake when this happens you will notice the quickening of the molecules of nature as they throw off their slumber. If you pay attention to what is happening within you, you will notice your own being vibrates to the possibilities of what this new day brings.

New choices await you. Yes, you will need to manage the aftermath from the day before, but you may now go in a new direction. The only thing preventing you is your own lack of willingness to awaken with the Dawn. You must come to realize that the routine of life many fall into is simply a retreat from accepting personal responsibility for living.

No matter how you came into this world, whether it was with love or abandonment, how you play out this life is totally up to you. To live fully with all the molecules of your being vibrating with joy, you simply need to wake up.

How do you do this? It is really rather simple. Begin with a full complete and languorous stretch. Tell your body you are ready to interface with the world in awareness. Notice everything in the room around you. Do you like it? Is it in the right place? Is there anything about it you wish to change? Look out your window or your door and asked the same questions.

What is your emotional response to what you have asked? Are you filled with excitement or dread? If with dread, what are you going to do about it? The decision is yours. There is nothing holding you back from beginning anew except your own resistance to change.

You may say, “I have responsibilities I must attend to.” Yes, that certainly may be true. You may be caring or providing for people who have no one else to care for them. These may be children, spouse or partner, the elderly or infirm. How do you feel about these responsibilities? Are you able to have your internal world fulfill these obligations with joy?

When you cannot change the external circumstances surrounding you, the only thing left is to alter what you have control of. You have control over how you think and what you feel. That is a power few people understand. Do you understand how your life will change if you marshal your internal power? The details of the circumstances of your life may not change, but your internal world will open you to the possibilities that only joy can provide.

When Dawn comes notice how the light penetrates the darkness and transforms it. Allow the Light within you penetrate you allowing you to break through someone else’s darkness.