Thoughts and the Human Energy Field

Every thought you entertain has an effect on every part of your body. I should say, “has an effect on all your bodies.” You are more than a physical body. You also have mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic ones. they enter penetrate each other. You cannot have something affect one and not the other.

When you hold a negative or low vibration thought in your mind, there is an immediate effect upon the hormones and neuro-chemicals your body creates. This in turn affects the Meridian system as well as your chakras and aura. When your thought is accompanied by intense emotion the effect is stronger.

This is equally true when you hold positive thoughts in your mind. This time “feel good” chemicals are produced. Your chakras, meridians and aura opens up and expands. You give out vibrations to people which invites him to interact with you in a positive manner.

Although there is technology which can measure the effects of what you think and feel up on all aspects of yourself, you don’t need them to know whether or not you feel better. you can make yourself your own experiment. Recall something wonderful that happen to you with all the positive emotions. Hold that memory as long as you can. Notice how you feel.

Now recall something that happened that caused pain in some way. Hold that just for a few moments as I don’t want you to get caught in the negativity. Now notice how you feel both physically and emotionally.

You certainly don’t want to stay in that emotional place, so go back to the first memory, or recall something else that was wonderful in your life. Hold that as long as you can. This allows your body and energy field to return to your “feel-good” mode.

There are some rather expensive machines you could purchase or use which would show you through a series of graphs what happens when you have various memories or emotions. Being able to see the effect of what you think and feel upon your body and energy field gives you an immediate feedback. For many people this assist them in being more conscious about what they hold in their mind in the feelings they have.

These biofeedback machines can give you instant feedback. However, if you simply pay attention to what happens within you as you think, feel, listen and watch what happens in your life, you can be your own biofeedback machine.

Know that you can control the thoughts and feelings which have either a positive or negative effect upon your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic aspects of yourself. It does take discipline.

The question to ask yourself is, “Is feeling better about myself important enough to me to spend time each day learning how to manage my thoughts and emotions?” You have achieved a number of things in your life that you did because you were determined to do so. Do you think enough of yourself to bring forth that determination now to have the discipline to manage your life?

You are not alone in this endeavor. Ask and you shall receive all the spiritual help you need to assist you.