Tell the Energy What You Want

Be The Boss of You and Your Energy


My #BlogBoost buddy, Paul Taubman, made a cool comment in my last post. He said you can call in the energy any time you want it. How right he is.

Sometimes you need a process such as Amma’s healing tool in the last post. She gives us a kinesthetic imaging experience to remove what we don’t want and increase what we do want. This is great for those who need to perform some action to release the energy.

You Are the Boss of You

You may not realize how you can call it, send out, command the energy which surrounds you and is within you.

That anger and sadness you feel is “just” energy. Yes, it’s an emotion. It’s energy in motion = emotion.

If you don’t want a particular energy, you have the power to send that energy on its way. Command it to do what you want. “Sadness, I’ve had enough of you. Go Now!” Say it like you mean it.

But Aren’t Feelings Important

You bet they are. They contain a wealth of information for you.

find what\'s hidingYou can discover what else is hiding in that sadness. You may think you’re sad because of someone leaving you. That may be a part of why you’re sad. The person leaving you may have triggered long-held sadness. Here’s how to discover what else is there.

  1. Focus on where you feel the sadness in your body.
  2. Ask the sadness, “What’s there?”
  3. The answer may be sadness. Ask, “Sadness about what?” Take the first thing that pops into your mind.
  4. Follow up with, “What else?” Keep asking until you feel satisfied you have enough information.
  5. Tell the sadness (or whatever feeling), “Thank you for your information. You’ve done a great job. I don’t need you anymore.”
  6. Take a deep breath and blow the energy of the sadness out of you.
  7. Invite Joy into the space where sadness was. Simply think of someone or something which brings you Joy and fill that space with Joy.

You Have More Power than You Know

You are an amazingly powerful being. Learn to harness that power and use it!




4 thoughts on “Tell the Energy What You Want”

  1. This is so very important to tell ourselves what energy we want.. the other part is listening to ourselves or our own advice!

  2. Great follow up!

    I agree with everything you say! I would also like to add that there are sometimes when rather than say something such as,

    “Sadness, I’ve had enough of you. Go Now!” Say it like you mean it.

    There are times when I want to stay that way and try to figure out WHY I feel that way…

  3. What great info! I definitely need to focus on ways to remove some of the “sadness” energy and turn it into “happy” energy.

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