The Power and Delight Working with Animals

Frick and Frack
Frick and Frack

These are my little guys on their first birthday. My friend who cares for them when I’m traveling bought them a hat and had a birthday celebration for them. They’ll be four in October.

Frick and Frack open my heart to a different way of being. They are pure unconditional love. There are times they aren’t happy with me, as in when I don’t give them the treat they want or need them to let me do my work. That never lasts long. They love me completely.

When I return from out of town, as much as they love Kathy, the woman who cares for them, they jump all over me and, if my car door is open, jump in the car so I won’t leave them. This is especially true for Frack, the one on your left. They want to be with me.

There are those who love animals and those who don’t. Some people are deeply attuned to the animal kingdom. Others do not see animals as anything other than, well, animals which have no connection to them.

Those who love animals “see” their souls, feel their emotions and can communicate with them in special ways. Animals are telepathic. That is one of the primary ways they communicate.

Just as human beings have encodements, so do animal beings. There is a group of beings who work with encodement technicians just as there is a group of beings who work with humans.

Today, Amma is going to take us through a process to work with animals. She’s going to talk about the role of the animal kingdom in our lives. She will also be giving us Encodement Plug-ins to work with animals.

For instance, she will give us a process to work with rescue animals, those who have been abused, those who miss us, and health adjustments.

If you’ve been working with Encodements and with the Encodement Plug-ins, you can apply those same one’s to animals. Follow your inner knowing as there may be a few adjustments which need to be made.

If you’d like to register for this session of working with animals, please go to Amma’s site. Just click this link. Even if you are reading this after the workshop on July 6, 2014, the workshop is still available for purchase. It’s recorded and there is a handout with the various Encodement Plug-ins. You’ll also see more pictures of my little guys.

Open your heart to the blessings surrounding you. Hugs— Cathy, Amma’s Messenger


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