The Spiritual Seekers Guide to Raising Your Vibration

Are you ready to know the 3 simple steps people new to Amma’s work need to know?

If you’re a Spiritual Seeker who wants to handle the stress of life with greater ease. then this information is for you. It will give you tips on how to raise your vibration with greater ease.

I’m not sure how new you are to the work of Amma the Divine Mother as channeled through me, but I’d like to share with you three steps as taught by Amma to assist you in moving to a higher vibration.

Step #1: Move into your Heart Source or, at minimum, your heart center

The Heart Source consists of seven simple steps.

  1. new6Move into the front of your heart center
  2. Move into the back of your heart center
  3. Move into the front of your 3rd eye
  4. Move into the back of your 3rd eye
  5. Connect your heart and 3rd eye with a beam of energy
  6. Send that beam of energy up to the Center of the Universe
  7. Send the beam of energy down to the Center of the Earth

Living from your Heart Source will allow you stay centered and grounded, open your intuition and assist you in being open to alternate solutions to problems.

If you don’t feel drawn to use The Heart Source, keep your focus on the front of your heart center. It’s right at the center of your chest just to the right of your physical heart.

Focusing on your hear center will assist you in staying centered and grounded.

Staying centered and grounded keeps you from getting caught up in the chaos of the day. This keeps your vibration high.

Your Heart Source enables you to expand your energy so you are able to gather more information and be more firmly centered and grounded.

Step #2: Connect with their Soul Self, Bodysoul, and Healing Team.

You have a tremendous spiritual support team.

Your Soul Self is what others call your Higher Self. Amma like the term Soul Self because it sounds more like part of you.

Your Bodysoul is the soul of your body. You are borrowing your body. The Bodysoul is the soul of the body which keeps it running and working.

Then there is your Healing Team. You have a spiritual support team which has been giving you instructions. In addition you can request to have your own personal healing team.

Your Healing Team consists of Encodement Technicians, Soul Healing Angles, and other spiritual beings on your team.

You can ask for your personal Healing Team who who will work with you whenever you ask.

Step #3: Ask for the removal of Artificial Encodements and the repair of damaged and altered Natural Encodements.

Encodements are you smallest energy structures.

They make up your body, your energy field, your computer, what you’re sitting on and everything you see.

They are similar to the computer operating system in your computer and, just like your computer, they can get viruses in them.

You can work with the Encodement Technicians who are part of your Healing Team.

They will assist you in making changes to your Encodement System. This will raise your vibration.

All you need to do is ask them to work with you on your Encodement System and they will assist you. They will do any Encodement work which is not contrary to your Soul Contract for this lifetime.

You can learn more about the Heart Source and Encodements by going to Amma’s site and go to Primary Teachings at the top of the site.

You may also sign up to receive an explanation of Encodements by clicking here.

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