The Synergy of Love

Synergy of LoveCathy: I want to discuss what I’m calling the synergy of Love in this particular post. This is Part 3 of the explanation of a message Amma gave on healing relationships. This message was given April 27, 2011, almost 5 years ago. The final blog post from this message will be rather long as she takes us through the process of healing a relationship by removing the energies from each chakra. It’ll come out next week. Here she continues to set the stage.

Healing Relationships and the Synergy of Love

Amma: All wounds occur due to relationship. If there were no relationship, there would be nothing to wound. The wounding could be in the relationship you have with yourself. You may have done, or in many cases, not done something with the result of feeling fear, anger, shame, guilt, jealousy or other low vibration energies. I want you to be conscious of the reality that if you wound yourself, it is not just a wounding of yourself. You also cause a rift in the whole.

Cathy: A reminder: There are three basic relationships: with ourselves, with others, with God, Spirit, Universal Energy. There are those who say that our primary relationship is with Spirit, then with others and then ourselves.

I find that the relationship with self is the primary one because that relationship determines how we feel and respond to the other two relationships. The personal relationship, no matter if it is or has a synergistic effect upon all other relationships. If you think ill of yourself the chances of being able to give yourself over to a Being of Unconditional Love are small. Yes, you may be able to do it somewhat, but not that total giving of self to Spirit accompanied by the total reception of all that Spirit wishes to give to you.

It takes self-confidence in yourself that you are making the correct decision and trust in the other to give yourself wholly to another. If you don’t have the trust in yourself to risk giving yourself in totality, it is difficult to be able to trust The Other to receive you and to give to you. It’s a matter of the psychological principle of projection.

Projection is when you place upon another, project onto them, your own thoughts and feelings. If you don’t love yourself you can project onto another that s/he will not or does not love you. If you have some love of self, lets say 10%, you can project onto another that the other loves you 10% worth of love.

Someone else, be it God or another person, may love you deeply, but if you don’t love yourself then you will not recognize that love and cannot accept it. You put a barrier between yourself and being loved.

Here is the synergy. Let’s say you love yourself 10% and you risk being loved by another 10%. This is the giving of yourself 10% and then the receiving from another 10%. When you risk opening yourself as much as you can to Love, even if it is a small amount, you set in motion a powerful dynamic. As long as you remain in a place of openness and willingness, the more you give of yourself and the more you allow yourself to receive, the great the Magic which occurs. Love begets love. Love grows the more you give and the more you receive. You have to have both the giving and the receiving.

As I write this I have young friends in the hospital waiting for the manifestation of their giving and receiving to each other. That manifestation will be a new life. Once they hold their new son the magic will be even stronger. They will discover love they never knew they were capable of. There will now be three people in the cycle of giving and receiving. As long as there is openness on all their parts love will grow.

Love Dynamics & Synergy of LoveWhen the relationship we’re speaking of is composed of two human beings, either one can block the magic by their lack of love for themselves. When the relationship is between you and Spirit, you are the only one who can block the magic. Spirit is always ready to give to you. You simply need to be open to receiving.

Amma: There is one fabric of wholeness. This is the Oneness of which you all are a part. When one fiber is wounded, even if the fibers next to it did not participate in the event and weren’t wounded in any way, the fabric itself is weakened because the one fiber is weakened. You see how that happens, don’t you?

When you wound yourself you are not able to function to your fullest potential, which means that the whole does not function to its fullest potential.

An Aside

Now, I want to make a little aside here. As I use this analogy, I am speaking only of the persona who is experiencing life upon this planet, or the other aspects of yourself who may be incarnated in other places. What you experience when you “wound” yourself is only an illusion. Everything that occurs in your persona will, ultimately, expand your Soul Self.

You are an infinite being and you continue to grow in your infinite-ness. That may seem strange that an infinite being grows. This may also appear contrary to what I have said at other times that you as an infinite being have nothing to learn on this planet because as an infinite being you know everything.

Let me tell you that what you think of as infinity never quits expanding. Can infinity become more infinite? That may appear a contradiction. It certainly is a contradiction in language. It is not a contradiction in process.

Reality vs IllusionYou are an infinite being. You already know the principles you are experiencing on this planet. You already know what love is. You, as a persona, are now experiencing what love is in limitation. That is very different than experiencing love as an infinite being. You, and the Oneness, continue to expand as you experience what love is outside of infinity.

Limitation is the illusion. You are experiencing the illusion of limitation incarnated on this planet. Although you are infinite, the experience of limitation is new. You are experiencing a way of being which is contrary to what you have come to know as your Soul expressed itself, was born from my womb.

When you complete your role here on Earth, you will evaluate your experiences. You will also remember how you planned it all beforehand. What you bring back with you to the Oneness, which enriches the Oneness, is your personal experience.

In short, you are perfect as you are. In the persona you are experiencing the illusion of imperfection. You will take this experience back with you and continue to expand your perfection. Yes, this is a paradox.

Cathy: The idea we are living in an illusion can be a difficult one to accept. This concept is not new. In fact, it goes all the way back to Plato and his cave analogy. In his analogy he likens people to prisoners shackled in a cave. All the people can see are shadows from outside. When one of the prisoners breaks free and runs out of the cave s/he sees real birds, trees, flowers. When s/he goes back into the cave to tell everyone what they’re missing, no one believes it.

You are Love Incarnate. You chose to experience what you’re currently experience. I chose this. I chose the pain and the joy. You did, too. You are perfectly experiencing what you wanted to experience. You will continue to do so. Even your decision to expand or not expand, to believe or not believe is what you planned.

The reality of Love is so much greater than any of us can comprehend. Oneness is beyond our ability to comprehend.

Your imperfection, your troubles, are all illusion. Joy, wonder, Love are the reality of who you are and from where you came.

Stay tuned for Part 4 in which Amma takes us through a healing exercise!

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