Transcription of the Service Work on the Call Spt 8.

Below is the transcription of the first part of the call on Saturday. It contains what we did to assist in Syria and the nuclear problem from Japan.

Today we’ll be spending most of our time on the radiation from Japan.This is definitely service work.This radiation is coming from Japan over here and is the biggest disaster we’re looking at right now on a worldwide basis. We will do a little work with Syria and we’ll start off with that. But, according to Amma, that is not the biggest issue right now. There are a lot of people sending energy to Syria. I read yesterday that Obama is rather surprised that the country is quite divided about Syria and he’s not getting a lot of support for using military force. He’s getting a lot of input on that but what is not happening is that there is not a lot of notice about what is occurring regarding the nuclear reactor in Japan.  The result of the damage caused by the tsunami is that the radiation is spreading.Officials are saying, Do not eat fish from the Pacific.  If this comes to the United States, it will wipe out the salmon industry and other fisheries and our total food supply.

Most of you have probably had at some time x-rays or even radiation treatment for cancer.Set your intention as we do this work that anything we do to nullify the radiation coming from Japan also be done to you. Anybody who has had any x-rays, especially many x-rays, and any radiation treatments for a medical disorder, set your intention that this work will be done with you also.

Go now into your Heart Source.  Those of you familiar with doing that, just say, Heart Source. Those who are not, just focus on the front of your heart center and go deep within. Now focus on the back of your heart center and go deep within. Go to the front of your third eye and go deep within. Now go to the back of your third eye and go deep within.Bring a beam of energy from your heart to your third eye.Send that beam straight up to the center of the Universe.  It knows where it’s going. Send that beam of energy down now to the center of the Earth. 

 Let Say to yourself or out loud: I am the Sword.You become the sword of Michael, the Archangel. It’s the sword that transmutes energy.

Set you intention that your Heart Source and energy field will expand around you as far as necessary.

We will work now with the energies surrounding Syria. There is a tremendous amount happening within that country itself. Set your intention to move to the location where the greatest conflict towards Syria is coming from. Just set your intention and you will go in that direction. Being the sword, and you can have the sword in your hand, you are transmuting energy.

We have encodement technicians that I have not ever met before.  They work with governments and institutions.  Each institution has its encodement technicians. We are also asking for the guides of the governments involved to assist us in this. Of course, Amma is here enfolding us in her Love. She enfolds all of her children so she enfolds the entire planet in her Love.

Remember to stay in your Heart Source because you cannot dissolve not-Love with not-Love. In the same way, you cannot stop violence by using violence.Just know that your energy, by doing this, is transmuting it just as if you were there.  Some of you may see images, colors; you may have sensations or hear things.And that is not necessary. The only necessary things are for you to be in your Heart Source and set your intention to transmute that energy. Interesting, I am being taken somewhere deep within Europe.I’m getting it may even be Belgium, which some people believe contains the energy of the banking industry, which controls everything. I’m being taken there to transmute and dissolve energy. There are people who make a lot of money with war. Stay in that place within your Heart Source.If you have any feelings come up that are not-Love, just check your Heart Source to see what’s out of balance, and then go back in. Know that even those who want to perpetrate violence are Love Incarnate. In transmuting the low-vibration energy that is there, what we are doing is making a space allowing them to make a choice to know they are Love Incarnate. The abundance of the Universe is infinite. Please feel free to do this little exercise whenever you’re called to do it. It’s a very powerful healing experience  As we do this, we are centered and grounded and we are tapping into the source of Love.

Take a few deep breaths now and, with intention, release the energy surrounding Syria. You can use the sword to swirl around you and release that energy.

There are 35 on this call right now. I want you to gather in a circle.  You are going to be in your infinite Soul Self and you are much larger than your physical size right now.  I’m about 5 and I think I’ll be about 700 ft. today.Just allow that energy to be there.

Set your intention to connect heart-to-heart. We’re also going to connect with Gaia. We are going to ask her to guide our group energy to surround the area she wants us to work with.We’ll let her decide where we’re going to work.  Each one of us may have different experiences. My experience is being out over the Pacific gathering around a very large area of water where the radiation is traveling.

 Again, I Am the Sword.  This time take out your sword and hold it in front of you point up. We call upon the whales and the dolphins to assist us and we call upon those beings in another dimension who live in the water to assist us.  We call upon the encodement technicians that work with the Pacific Ocean and the atmosphere. We also call upon the encodement technicians that work with nuclear energy, with radiation.

 You may be having an experience similar to mine.I’m tapping into an energy that has tears coming from my eyes.There is a deep anguish and sadness and, at the same time, a thankfulness that we are here

The first thing I’m being directed to have us do is to take the point of our sword and place it within the water, wherever you are in this huge circle.  Now place your sword down into the ocean with the intention to transmute energy into the highest vibration.  We call upon the encodement technicians of the ocean to please remove any and all artificial encodements from the ocean.  I’m being told to include all artificial encodements, not just those from radiation, and to have them all removed from this area we’re working with right now.

Addressing the encodement technicians working with nuclear energy, as you know, this energy has escaped in an unsafe manner.We ask you to dismantle, disconnect and deactivate any encodements of radiation which do not belong in the ocean.Those who need to ask, ask that for your own bodies also. We ask that all encodements of radiation be removed from all fish that are swimming in the ocean, the whales, the dolphins, the mammals, and the plants.  Remove from any living entities any artificial encodements that are holding in the radiation. Repair any damaged or altered natural encodements which are holding in the radiation.

Encodement technicians, all of you  those we have spoken to and those we have not named directly – we ask you to develop an encodement system which quickly and gently removes and nullifies any radiation which is not appropriate for living matter. Please do that within us and within every being in the water, as well as within the water itself. 

 I feel like I’m moving over to Japan itself and asking for the same to be done to the people of Japan. There were brave, brave people who knew how bad the radiation was that came from that nuclear power plant and yet went in to save others.  Some of them have already passed over. For any being there, human or animal, we ask that all the artificial encodements holding in the radiation be removed; that damaged and altered natural encodements holding in the radiation be repaired. We now ask that the radiation and cells within these beautiful people and animals that are there be disconnected, deactivated and removed.

 Please take a deep breath now and see yourself blowing away the radiation.Your breath is doing two things.  It is blowing the radiation away and at the same time it is transmuting and neutralizing the radiation.You’re like those graphic images of clouds blowing their wind out and you’re transmuting the energy as you’re doing it. I’m just being told to be sure that, as we’re doing this, we’re not just doing it in the air. We’re also doing it deep within the ocean, all the way to the bottom, the floor, of the ocean.

I’m being told now that there are some micro-organisims living deep within the ocean that can eat up the radiation.Ask them to come forth and do that. And we thank them for doing that.

Breathe deeply.You’re not using your own energy for this. You’re pulling it up from the Earth and down from Source. You’re a continuous cycle of energy.See yourself dropping this net of energy into the ocean and all around the area. We’re calling for all that radiation to be in there. We’re pulling the net up and we’re giving it to a group of angels who are coming down.They will take it to another place where this type of energy is appropriate.

Take some deep breaths.We’re finished with this work right now. You may, of course, do this anytime you wish. Take some more deep breaths. Say, Release.Allow your Heart Source energy to come into yourself.  There’s no need to be out over the Pacific now.We thank the encodement technicians and all the other beings who worked with us on this.

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