When Is Violence the Answer?

My Dear Ones,

I Am Amma the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I AM Your Mother.

I hold you in my Love at all times. There is no time in which you are not enfolded in my arms of Love. Yes, there are times you may feel alone, but you are not. There are times you may feel abandoned, but you are not. There are times you may think the world, even your personal world is in a hopeless state, but it is not. I want to remind you of these truths before I give you my message for this day.

Your world is on the brink of war. It is not on this brink because of what has been done to the innocent people of Syria. It is upon this brink because men, mostly men, believe the exercise of power is demonstrated physically. True power has nothing to do with physical abilities.

True power is held in your heart. True power is manifested by your voice.

People are crying out in horror at the loss of life due to chemicals. You can look the world over and find instances of loss of life due to violence. Why is there this call to go to Syria when bodies are unearthed daily in other parts of the world and nothing is done?

There are several reasons. One is the fear of chemicals. If a gas is spread throughout the air there is no way to avoid it unless you have the proper equipment. You can’t see it. There is no warning.

Another reason is that “powers” want violence. It keeps people’s minds off of other manipulations occurring in the world.

What can you do? You gather together and send high vibration energy to enfold the low vibration energy emanating from Syria and towards Syria. You focus your energy on the men in power in Syria. You also focus your energy on those who want war, discord and compliance in this world.

How do you do this when you don’t know who is behind it?

That is the easy part. Go into your Heart Source. (For those who don’t know the steps for the Heart Source, simply move into your heart.) Set your intention for the energy from your heart to seek out the energy of violence aimed at Syria. Your frequency of Love will raise the lower vibration energy.

Those who are practiced in violence are powerful practitioners of sending forth low vibration energy. You must become a powerful practitioner of one who sends forth high vibration energy.

Those who are practitioners of low vibration energy are adept at sending out this low vibration energy at all times. You must become adept at sending out the love energy, the high vibration energy at all times.

If you would each choose to spend one minute 3-times a day intentionally sending forth love energy to the source of the energy of violence you can do much to assist what is happening.

Be in Love, not in fear. Be in Love always and in all ways.

I AM Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of that which you call God. I hold you always in my heart.


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