Why Goals Aren’t Achieved: People Fail Because They Don’t Think They Can Succeed

I wanted to share these thoughts with you about goal setting. Before I get into the tools to use that Amma has given us, let me make a few comments.

When people engage in goal setting whether or not they succeed depends upon their underlying belief. Compared to the number of people who engage in setting a direction in their life few people actually achieve their goal.

Why is this?

I’m going to give you two different answers based upon two different perspectives of physics. I bet you didn’t expect this topic have anything to do with physics.

Isaac Newton’s first law of motion is: An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion unless something stronger intervenes and forces a change. (By the way, that is a slight paraphrase of the way Newton stated it.)

When you apply this to your behavior it means that when you are going in one direction you’re going to keep going there unless something stronger moves you in another direction. If you’re determined to make it to Denver the only thing that will keep you from getting there will be something you cannot overcome. This could be illness on your part, a severe accident, or Denver on complete lockdown due to weather or some other natural calamity.

When you have your mindset on reaching a particular goal, and there is nothing physical in they way of your accomplishment, what will stop you is your own inertia. When you say, “Yes, this is where I’m going now,” you have to exert an internal force greater than the way you were already moving. This internal force is your own drive and determination.

Now we come to the area of physics which is in physical. It is energetic and, therefore, more in the realm of quantum physics as well as the physiology of your brain.

Each time you perform a certain action, this could be physical movement, thought or feeling, your energy field responds as well as your brain. Your brain begins to form tracings within it that develop a path. when you get near that path your brain automatically assumes that’s the road you’re going to take and moves you along quickly without you having to think about it.

In addition, you form an energy field consisting of that particular pattern.

When you’re changing directions in your life you have to overcome the previous energy field you had created, the neuronet you formed for your past behaviors as well as the movement you had already established.

For most people, one of the patterns formed is lack of success. They’ve attempted certain goals and have fallen short. They create both an energy of not being able to accomplish what they set out to do as well as a belief that they won’t succeed.

In order to change this pattern you need to do the following:

  • push through that feeling which sabotages the persistence needed to achieve
  • be continually aware of the previous patterns of lack of success formed and consciously establish new ones
  • form a detailed image including sites, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings of your new vision for yourself
  • re-create this image several times a day
  • evaluate whether or not each action moves you towards or away from your vision

The reasons for lack of success can be complex. Do the necessary healing work needed to remove any blocks or non-supportive beliefs. Know that you have it within you to achieve what ever it is you are determined to do as long as you access that determination.

For healing, do the necessary encodement work. If you’re not familiar with encodemets  go to Amma’s web site and read the material there. Do this encodement work whenever you feel the blocks to success which includes wanting to give up.

You learned to walk, drive a car, write a bicycle or any other task you do by being persistent and determined. That persistence and determination is within you even if you haven’t used it in a while. Access it and move toward success.

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